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I’ve recently tried the cold shoulder trend and now I am back with off-the-shoulder dresses. Tops or dresses with the off-the-shoulder design are my go-to trend when I want to get insta-ready and glammed up in no time. There’s a sneaky trick here, the off the shoulder dress that is long and flowing is perfect for the not-so-waxed days and you can simply flaunt your style without worrying too much about behind-the-scenes 😉 

I love off the shoulder tops but for this cool season, I’ve opted for a long dress to keep myself covered and paired it with peep-toe heels that are comfortable as well. I’ve listed 3 reasons why I love off the shoulder dresses and here’s why you might want to include this trend in your wardrobe.

Comfort: These are not fussy, you can wear it with a strapless inner and I personally love the loosely fitted ones.

Versatile: You can wear it for a date night out or even a lazy weekend with friends. All you have to do is have a quick change of accessories and footwear and be instaready for every picture!

Style: I always prefer this trend when I want to add some effortless style to my look. It’s not fussy, you can show some skin without showing too much and is flattering for all.

Do you have a favourite brand to shop for off the shoulder dress? I’d like to know in the comments below!

Photographer: Hana Hudain Jade

Dress: Ajio

Accessories: Pune

Heels: Ajio

Goosebumps: Free in the Bangalore weather 





Well, the rain Gods have blessed Bangalore for sure! A blue mini dress had been on my mind for a long time as I’d been scrounging for something that is lightweight and perfect for the rainy weather. After all, it’s easier to manage a dress in this weather rather than long flowing pants or skirts. So, I found myself out on a weekend exploring the tiny lanes lined with greenery – a sight that is so rare to find in this city where everyone is busy chasing goals, building flyovers and expanding in the name of development.

I picked this beautiful blue dress from Zink London. Yeah, for those following my posts would know I have a slight inclination for this brand. I loved the light floral print which was not too overpowering and is adding a dainty look to the overall outfit. I picked it up after rummaging through racks and racks of clothing in Orion Mall, Bangalore. As always, I like to keep the accessories to the minimal.

Here’s what I noticed overall in the collections that I browsed:

  • Most of the trends were loud
  • The print-on-print was not working well for every design
  • The fabrics were certainly not great
  • The cut of the dresses I saw were hardly interesting – most followed a plain pattern and some didn’t have any cut, with loud designs screaming for attention and price tags that went through the roof.

Now, as much as I love fashion, I believe we should always watch our budget before we purchase. The finishing of the garment, the fabrics and fit – all these three are so vital. Well, it’s alright if you are street shopping hence the expectations would be low. I was quite bored with the designs being sold by well-known and popular brands wherein I’d definitely give full marks for the display. The garments, on their own, were nothing exciting.


After my little black dress post, I felt now is the time to wear the little blue dress and head out for an evening with a friend. As this city is indeed bursting with people, I found this cute little cafe tucked away in the corner and serving delectable items. The interiors are pretty, the outer seating area caught my attention. Cafe Nosh is quite popular with the college going crowd but attracts families as well. I loved the variety in their menu and the lovely Oreo cake that I gobbled without clicking a photo! 🙂

All in all, if you are familiar with the garden city and love some quiet spots, I’d recommend you hop over to Cafe Nosh preferably in the off-peak hours. Even then, if you love a place which is buzzing with excitement, this place is also for you! 

Don’t forget to hop by to their Facebook page here. Cafe Nosh is located near Sahakarnagar and has now opened its second outlet in Yelahanka New Town.



Cute Blue Dress: Zink London

Footwear: Orion Mall, Bangalore

Location: Cafe Nosh, Bangalore

Photographer: Hana Hudain Jade (Instagram: jhhudain)

Food: Already gobbled up