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It’s been a while! What started as a conscious move towards blogging for my professional life, that followed with a hurriedly put-together fashion blog (more than 10 years ago) with a free domain name resulted in something much more.

I’m going to be raw with you today.

Not every day was perfect. Not every day felt like I wanted to blog.

What matters is your consistent effort towards things you love without worrying what people will say or what the results would be like.

We so often forget to appreciate ourselves when we are worried about how the audience perceives us. As a blogger, there will be tons of people who will write into you and share their advice, suggestions, beautiful thoughts, silly comments, lewd ideas, and so much more.

What matters here? What you choose to pick and listen to while allowing the rest to fade away into the background.

As a Bangalore fashion blogger, I’ve had my share of ups and downs and I can only say one thing – believe in yourself, be kind to yourself, and pat yourself on the back every time you do something that is closest to your heart.

To the regular followers, I’m sharing the behind-the-scenes look and some photographs that did not make it for the final edits. From blogging to vlogging, it’s been so much of a learning experience.

Here I was wondering what pose to strike while Jade snapped a picture


Ok, stop the photos, I got to eat this!


Plently of shots taken to get a perfect one. This was one of those unused photos 🙂



Yes, there’s lots to be done. But, we often forget we are human and yes, some things do take time. So, take the time to pursue what you love to do. Find the things that excite your heart. Find that reason that makes you want to explore a fun side of you – one that is no longer dependent on anybody’s expectations, an area of your expertise that fills your soul with wonder, and fulfillment.

What goes behind each blog? There’s tons of work and not so much makeup. (Ha, ha!) Those who know me well are aware that I do not promote the use of heavy makeup and I am fine if my rawness is seen as well. If you consider it as a flaw, that is entirely your perception!

There is a lot of hard work, people being good to you, bad to you, but most importantly, it’s how you constantly work on your own thinking to face the camera even on days you don’t feel good about yourself. It’s about telling yourself things will be okay, and you are here rock.


Shounak’s editing skills. This photo was not used for the final blog


The weather changed again making the natural light a constraint for us

Today, I’d like to thank each one for believing in me i.e. my family, for supporting me (even if you don’t understand fashion), for always cheering me on.

I’d also like to mention some entrepreneurs behind these ventures and staff who were supportive in every way.

Lifestyle Mall at RMZ Galleria

Soch (Indian wear brand)

Dr. Jamuna Pai (Watch the Skin Lab video)

Cafe 60 Four

Staff at Global Desi, AND by Anita Dongre

Cafe Nosh

Women’s Web Team (Watch the video)



Am I gonna flip through the menu or order something?


I began to laugh here! Photo by Nitin Chauhan


Yeah, that was not a drink! It had food colouring!


Shounak’s creative expression through his edits 🙂
Mohua finds me in a comfortable frame, one of the first who worked her creative skills for the blog

Most importantly, I’d like to thank that one friend who always reads everything I write. 😉 Thank you so much for your suggestions!


I’ve recently tried the cold shoulder trend and now I am back with off-the-shoulder dresses. Tops or dresses with the off-the-shoulder design are my go-to trend when I want to get insta-ready and glammed up in no time. There’s a sneaky trick here, the off the shoulder dress that is long and flowing is perfect for the not-so-waxed days and you can simply flaunt your style without worrying too much about behind-the-scenes 😉 

I love off the shoulder tops but for this cool season, I’ve opted for a long dress to keep myself covered and paired it with peep-toe heels that are comfortable as well. I’ve listed 3 reasons why I love off the shoulder dresses and here’s why you might want to include this trend in your wardrobe.

Comfort: These are not fussy, you can wear it with a strapless inner and I personally love the loosely fitted ones.

Versatile: You can wear it for a date night out or even a lazy weekend with friends. All you have to do is have a quick change of accessories and footwear and be instaready for every picture!

Style: I always prefer this trend when I want to add some effortless style to my look. It’s not fussy, you can show some skin without showing too much and is flattering for all.

Do you have a favourite brand to shop for off the shoulder dress? I’d like to know in the comments below!

Photographer: Hana Hudain Jade

Dress: Ajio

Accessories: Pune

Heels: Ajio

Goosebumps: Free in the Bangalore weather 





Hello, folks! I’ve recently posted about Diwali dress ideas and shopping smart this season! The festivities of Diwali includes invitations for different parties that may not always be traditional in approach. So, as you are allowed to break some rules, I ensure I have multi-purpose garments to be used for various occasions. In my earlier post, I combined this outfit with a yellow jacket. And, for those informal parties where you might need to shake a leg, I prefer a light-weight garment. So, when I am in a hurry, I ditch the jacket and add earrings or a statement necklace to jazz up the outfit. As this outfit is also in two shades with a sheen, I did not want a loud appearance. My style statement is to keep it simple and neat. You can certainly combine the dress with statement jewellery pieces, accessories or add a pair of glamour heels to rock the look and add your own touch!


When it comes to a Diwali fashion dress, bright loud colours always dominate the scene. These colours reflect the joy of Diwali. But, often, my bright outfits end up being unused all throughout the year. I always love combining different looks and experimenting to ensure I have more options to dress up without the constant need to buy things.

We had a ball clicking these photos. As a blogger, I had my share of funny moments in the crowd wherein most people unaware of the concept of blogging stared in curiosity. As you can see, my dress crumpled up a bit after a long drive in the Bangalore traffic. If you are a Bangalorean, you would surely be used to this by now. 

What have you shopped for your Diwali outfit? I’d like to know. Do drop by on my social media channels and I’d love to hear from you! Wish you a Happy Diwali!

Photographer: Shounak Kelkar

Dress: Cotton Village

Earrings: Zaveri Pearls

Footwear: DressBerry




Kashmira Lad Bangalore Fashion Bloggers

Diwali Dress shopping figures high on the list of many looking to curate a unique look. The demand for Diwali Indian dresses increases around this time of the year when swirling skirts, anarkalis, trendy kurtas and even Indian fusion wear is high of the lists of many. So, if you are looking to buy a Diwali dress online or purchase from your local store, there are some basics you need to follow before making that splurge. It’s ok to expand your budget for designer dresses for Diwali, but in a time when shopaholics shop all through the year, it makes sense to shop smart and wisely.

I’m all for an environmentally safe Diwali as the importance of a green Diwali holds high for me. So, if you, like me, are planning for a Diwali dress shopping, read on for fashion tips for Diwali in Part One of the series.

Quick Tips for your Diwali Dress Shopping

#1 Shop Smart

You might have fallen head over heels in love with that ethnic ensemble but before you put it in your cart…hold on a second! Think about the usability of the garment for the coming year. How often would you wear it? Does it serve a single purpose? Can it be worn for multiple occasions? Buying the latest fashion for Diwali is tempting indeed. Let’s be honest. Do you only shop for special occasions or all throughout the year? If you’ve found your answer, I think you’ll know what I am talking about! 🙂

#2 Invest in a Multi-purpose Garment

All right! I said invest for a purpose. Well, fashionistas have to get over that guilt hence invest! When you shop for a Diwali dress, make sure it’s a multi-purpose garment. I personally do not like my Indian wear sitting in the cupboard till another occasion comes up. So, I have worn this peach and pink dress with a contrasting jacket with work in gold that shimmers. This works for different occasions. Layer up or layer down as per the party you are attending.

You can also combine the look with different accessories. Make it a mix of modern and traditional as per the occasion. Change your footwear and makeup and hey, you are ready to rock! I’ll show the second look in the next blog.

#3 Keep it Elegant

I love flamboyant outfits as much as you do. Yet, I’d like to emphasize going easy on the choice of clothing. I’ve recently browsed through all the collections in the mall as well as online for Diwali Indian dresses. The common thread among all was loud colours and extra work in zari. Too much of heavy work makes the garment uncomfortable for me so I like to keep my ensembles neat with clean silhouettes. I’m not against zari work mind you! I only feel it should not overpower your personality. If you’re looking for more ideas to dress up for Diwali without the feel of wearing uncomfortable clothing, stay tuned for the next blog.

I’ve combined this outfit with earrings from Zaveri pearls and two light bangles. I always prefer to tone things down rather than over accessorize and look like a Diwali lantern myself 😛

Tip: If you are confused about the accessorizing, here’s one thing you need to remember. The moment you get ready, you must remove one accessory off you to keep a great balance! That’s easy! You’d now never be overtly accessorized for any occasion.

If you’ve already done your Indian Diwali outfit shopping, I’d like to see what’s in your wardrobe. Do share your comments below or write to I wish all my readers a very happy Green Diwali and a prosperous New Year!

Photographer: Shounak Kelkar

Dress and Jacket: Cotton Village, Pune

Clutch: Pune

Earrings: Zaveri Pearls

Footwear: DressBerry

Green Diwali Tips: Respect Nature!! 



The cold shoulder fashion statement has been around for quite a while in India now. I guess, I would definitely say I’ve seen almost every woman of every body type and age sport the cold shoulder trend with an effortless ease. So, be it a cold shoulder dress, a cold shoulder blouse, or a cold shoulder top in Indian wear, there’s something for all! That’s the beauty of the cold shoulder trend. It’s versatile, anyone can sport it and it seems less likely to fade out soon, given the choices we have on the most popular shopping sites online as well as at all the leading brands.

Why Cold Shoulders?

Well, as you might have noticed, the shoulders are bare. As everything else may or may not be covered, this fashion trend may leave you feeling cold around your shoulder region! 

I opted for a red cold shoulder dress that is combined with the style of a halter. This dress includes a tiny elastic that ensures it hugs the body and falls freely below. This short red cold shoulder dress is made of cotton, hence you’d see it crumples a bit easily. But, I don’t see that as a hindrance as comfort matters always.

How to Wear the Cold Shoulder Dress in the Cold Winters

Well, the trick to wearing the cold shoulder dress in a city like Bengaluru where the weather is always cold is to keep those feet warm! I’ve paired them with heeled boots that cover my toes and hug my feet tight. I find this actually keeps the cold out and as long as you don’t particularly go for a walk on a cold night, this cold shoulder dress is perfect for your special occasions!

Red being the red-hot favorite color in my wardrobe, I’ve kept the accessories to the minimal. Teaming it with hoop earrings and a contemporary bracelet design, I thought of going the less-is-more route. The footwear is already adorned with red and green embroidery pattern which keeps the look quite busy.

The cold shoulder dress trend is great for all women as it accentuates and flatters the shoulder region. You can make it dramatic, tone it down or even keep it sporty, depending upon the kind of look you’d like to achieve. You’ll find this trend in formal wear as well and is a great way to add a spin of elegance to your office style. Team it with fitted pants and you’re ready for a great day at work.

If you are still feeling apprehensive to wear the cold shoulder dress trend in the cold winters, I’ve always combined my outings with a hot cup of coffee 🙂

If there is one thing I will always try, it is a cup of coffee at every new outlet in Bangalore. There’s nothing more stimulating than a coffee that’s just brewed right.

We went to a new pizzeria on the block and we shot our photos in low light. If you’ve felt the photos have a deep and mysterious touch…well, you know the reason now 🙂

So, are you ready to sport the cold shoulder fashion? Do let me know in the comments below.

Location Courtesy: Cremona Pizzeria, Yelahanka, Bangalore





Photo: Owned by Cremona

Cremona Pizzeria is a quaint little Italian place set in the upcoming areas of Yelahanka, Bangalore. We loved the coffee and pizza here and surely plan to go back for more. If you are in this area and are looking for delicious pizzas, pasta, tempting mocktails and something sweet for your taste buds, Cremona Pizzeria is a cute place to hang out with your friends or even while on a date 🙂

Visit their Facebook page here.


Photographer: Hana Hudain Jade



Accessories: F.C. road, Pune

Aroma: Freshly brewed!



As women, we already have a great choice among the type of sleeves available for every outfit! My first outfit which had the flounce sleeves as a fashion statement was during my college days. The tamer version, known as the bell sleeves, was considered an exaggerated design in those days. The led to many giggles behind my back from those unaware of fashion trends and those who simply found it funny! As someone who unapologetically wore her ‘fashion on her sleeve’ (pun unintended), I’ve known to walk gracefully around people who tend to poke fun or pull you down. 🙂 Here I am with a flounce sleeve dress which is comfortable, trendy and includes a little bit of sass! 

How I styled the Flounce Sleeve Dress

The design is a bold fashion statement in itself, I decided to keep it simple as always. I’m honestly not the fashion blogger who wants a clutter of things shouting out for attention from the looks I create. I’d always let one element stand strong and mute the rest of it. So, I opted for tassel earrings with light jewellery and a clutch. I felt like wearing my stilettos because they just make me want to dance the day (and night) away!

So, here I was flaunting the flounce on a Sunday. We decided to head over to The Pallet, one of Bangalore’s Whitefield brewery that is soon turning out to be a magnet for all things exciting! You are struck with awe the moment you step in. The Pallet, a Microbrewery is a hub for the creme-de-la-creme. The Pallet brews some of the finest crafted beers and is a name that is soon turning out to be the swankiest destination in Whitefield. The interiors are exquisite complete with wooden frames used artistically to create a visual masterpiece.

What is a delight is the fact that there is a Goan connection! Goa being my hometown, I was pleasantly surprised to know the menu is handpicked by none other than the culinary Guru and Executive Chef – Kanishka Kamat. There’s also the expert guidance of Head Chef, Anuj Rawat. Mr. Kamat, a celebrity, is known the world over for his culinary experiences that creates a wonderful experience for people who have exquisite taste. Head brewer Derek Oxford has ensured The Pallet offers the best variety of brews that are crafted right here.

Highlights of The Pallet – Brewhouse and Kitchen, Bangalore

Music, music, and music. Although we arrived early for our afternoon brunch, I loved the DJ belting out some great tracks that were not limited to only the latest music. As I grooved to the pulsating beats, it reminded me how much I missed this type of a place – great ambience, great food, and great music!

I loved the private seating area complete with comfortable sofas that oozed style. You can watch TV here and sip a drink, all in the comfort and privacy of your own room. This is great for conversations over food with your family members, corporate team members or for those who simply seek some private space away from the crowd and extra-special attention from their staff.

What to Order?

  • Try their bitter-sweet drink, Oak with caramel-toffee notes.
  • Amazing salads
  • Pasta (white sauce) – my favorite
  • Thai Curry
  • Red Wine Curry with Grilled Vegetables

If you are looking for a quick bite, do check out their burger section.

Check out their website and Facebook page to stay updated about all the events, DJ nights, Happy hours, Ladies night and more! I’d say this is one of Bangalore’s snazziest brewery and those around Whitefield have loads to celebrate at this hottest destination! 

Photographer: Shounak Kelkar

Location: The Pallet, Whitefield, Bangalore

Dress: Jealous 21

Accessories: Westside, Bangalore

Footwear: Soles, Bangalore

Drinks: With High Spirits!




There’s no dearth to the number of shopping sites online or the number of malls that are on the increase every day. Fast fashion is indeed catching on, and the desire to shop for things because we want them, not because we need them, is on the rise. Fast fashion definition is a term by the fashion retailers that signifies those designs seen on the catwalk and quickly incorporated into the current fashion trends. The rising number of fast fashion online shopping sites makes sourcing latest trends easy and affordable for all. This brings with it many fast fashion problems. 

Fashion itself is ever changing and this makes the production of clothing, even more higher than it was a couple of years ago. The concept of buying clothes to be reused again and again is slowly fading away. With social media stars on the rise, most women and men wouldn’t be caught wearing the same outfit more than once. As people turn to buy outfits or accessories because they are in trend, there is less of recycling and repurposing our clothing and accessories which we term as old.

Why did I mention the term we? Well, I, like many of you, have already been a victim to fast fashion. As I studied this trend further, I realized the awareness is low for such a subject. Fast fashion online is on the rise and repurposing seems to be on the decline.

What prompted me to write this post was a news item I had happened to read on the Internet. In a time when online shopping sites are all ready to woo the customers with their 30-day free return and exchange offers, shoppers are not batting an eyelid to order clothing online. The instant returns is now a craze. Shopaholics buy the clothing, try them, wear them for occasions by gently tucking the label in. They snap photos for Instagram and Facebook and return the outfit back to the company. While a trial is a part of the deal, the whole concept of using the item to build your online presence is tacky, unethical and so wrong. The need for fast fashion is so much that we have forgotten ourselves along the way. I’m not against online shopping sites because, hell, I do shop via these platforms sometimes! What I strongly feel is the need to have some sense and sensibility that is missing in today’s ‘I want it all’ era.

There’s a whole lot of effort that goes behind online ecommerce sites. We also tend to miss the same garment would be purchased by someone else. What is this obsession of not repeating an outfit because we have been seen in it before?

Repurposing fashion is a much better concept wherein you use and reuse the clothes you have already bought as a fashion trend. There is nothing wrong with repurposing fashion and the idea is to reduce the amount of fashion waste. Which is, not fashionable indeed I must say!

Many celebrities have repurposed their dresses to show that if they can do it, so can we. Did you know our Bollywood beauties also repurpose fashion? View how Deepika Padukone and other stars have repeated their outfits twice and we are not complaining. On the international scene, Kate Middleton has also repeated her outfits making this no longer something we should worry about.

So, after all, what I have written, you might wonder if I do follow my own advice? Indeed, this is a jacket that is repeated in my looks created before. You can view the link here. I have also worn these heels before. View my post here

The next time you shop, ask yourself:

  1. Do you want it or need it?
  2. How often can you wear it? 
  3. Have I decluttered my wardrobe?
  4. Do I have something similar to this already?

I firmly believe in reusing my clothes and giving a new spin to the existing fashion trends.

Are you ready to repeat your outfit as fabulously as possible?
Do let me know in the comments below.

Photographer: Shounak Kelkar
Blue Dress:
Short Jacket: Reliance Trends, Bangalore
Bag: Goa
Footwear: Mangalore
Style Quotient: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!




This is a tricky season. And, no matter what fashion trends for 2018 dictate, I’d still prefer versatile garments in my wardrobe. After all, although we wouldn’t like to be caught in the same outfit multiple times, that is not something we all should aspire for!    Any outfit of yours can be given a new twist with some clever ideas. After my floral maxi top blog, I’d mentioned I’d continue with this uber-cool affordable maxi top with front slit trend and here is why I love them, and you should too!

5 Reasons You Need to Include the Maxi Top in your Wardrobe


  1. They’re versatile!
    Yeah, that pretty much makes this a favourite outfit I’d go for. Maxi top with front slit can be paired with long denim jeans, short pants, a mini skirt, or treggings. Each time, it’s easy to accessorise and style it differently. You don’t really need to keep shopping for new clothes when you can modify your looks each time.

2. This is suitable for every body type

Don’t get me wrong! I am not going on about what you must wear or not wear. A versatile maxi top like this one is great to add more length to your torso. If you are comfortable showing some skin, team it with shorts. If not, team it with fitted pants and heels and there! You automatically create the illusion of length, just in case you want to look taller. Although, I’d rather say, wear it if you like it. Don’t do it to follow fashion rules.

3. Extremely comfortable, for every season
It’s long easy breezy style makes it comfortable for every weather. Though I know it’s a tad tricky for the monsoons, this one is lightweight and dries easily. I love wearing it to the beach as a layer over my shorts or just for a special occasion. You can be creative to make it look different and work on the comfort factor to suit your needs. A maxi top with front slit complements every season, occasion and mood.

4. It’s uncommon

At least, till not everyone is wearing it! Have a party to attend? Or a formal occasion? It’s easy to wear these maxi tops for any occasion and still stand out from the crowd. Psst: it’s perfect if you haven’t waxed so brownie points for that.

5. They’re quite affordable

Considering the versatility of the maxi top, these are quite affordable. A quick search online will give you many results. Here are some of my picks below. Do let me know which one is your favourite.











Blue Maxi Top: Fergusson College Road, Pune
Racer Back: Jockey
Occasion: Lazying by the pool 
Photographer: Hana Jade Hudain


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I can’t get enough of long slit maxi tops. If you, like me, have a penchant to mix and match, maxi tops are a clothing item that are a must in your wardrobe. This garment is flowing or fitted and I feel it appears so graceful that I have already purchased some. But, the trick lies in understanding what your maxi top looks best with. In the coming weeks, I’ll take you on a series of such maxi tops with slits that can be worn in different ways for casual occasions to ones that add to your oomph factor.

Psst: In case you’ve missed my earlier post on monsoon fashion, check out the little Zink London blue dress in this blog.

We shot this colourful maxi dress as a casual one where I was headed out for a quick coffee. Bengaluru being Bengaluru, I cannot resist the temptation of filter coffee and I find that it just adds to the magic of this season. These photos were clicked as the sky rumbled overhead, promising to drench us and the long maxi top, if we didn’t run for cover soon!

Now, long maxi tops may not be the smartest decision as monsoon fashion. Yet, I liked this bold and bright floral print which stands out amidst the monsoon landscape. The fabric being lightweight, I felt no discomfort while walking. I avoided heels here as I am more on function and comfort and definitely, with the clouds about to break open, you wouldn’t want to be tromping around in heels on an uneven road.

This long maxi top has a slit in the centre. I could have paired it with tregging but I refrained from doing so. I preferred denim jeans as the slit being in the centre, I wanted something that is not too body hugging as pants but just comfortable enough. Ladies, the emphasis should always be on comfort and with my blog, I aim to show that fashion need not always be about working yourself up into a frenzy, in an aim to be something you are not. It’s about defining your personal style. Yes, this has been said again and again, and I wish to repeat it! Unlike women (some I have observed) who often go for a size smaller, I opt for a comfort fit as clingy outfits are not always comfortable for a longer duration.

Do you have a maxi top tucked away in your cupboard that you are waiting to style? Do leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

Maxi Top: Myntra

Jeans: Central

Footwear: Lavie

Photographer: Hana Hudain Jade

Coffee and Conversations: Stimulating

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As the month of May is almost ending, I thought I’d blog about the one thing I enjoy most in India – street style shopping for beautiful summer dresses! The summer month has been intense, high and if you are a Banglorean, I’m sure you must have been confused with the stormy skies, the hail, and the torrential rains to decide the best summer outfit. I find the season beautiful, really! If you want to check out what I’ve doing for the summer, don’t forget to view the crushing on florals and the nautical stripes fashion. This time, I’d like to blog about my Goan dress pics.

After florals and stripes, I decided to shop at the one place I find best almost all throughout the year. Goa! Well, I had taken a short trip back to my hometown some time ago, and I can’t help but browse through all the street shopping. I was with a great bunch of people and our eyes fell on this colourful number. This fits like a glove, is airy, breezy and I so love to just pair it with anything and hop out. I don’t feel the need to accessorise it much. I believe in one thing – KISS (Keep it simple, stupid!) Despite all the swanky malls and boutiques, I love to browse around to pick up great deals that add to my wardrobe collection. And, I don’t think you always need to restrict yourself while shopping. Being, the shopaholic that I am, I’m sure fellow bloggers will understand. And of course, a pair of simple flats as I like to be comfortable when I browse. Accessories must be minimal for the summer weather unless you are always in an air-conditioned room! 

The summer in Bangalore has been one mystifying season. It lends its heat and can get so crazily aggressive in an instant. As the wind howls towards the afternoon, you know you’d experience two seasons in just a single day. The large drops of rain crashing of the glass panes bring relief to the earth that is already scorched in the daylight. How I love the summer and it’s ironical I write about the monsoons for a summer fashion post. But then, fellow Bangaloreans will know what exactly I mean. The various moods of the city add a certain kind of romance in the air. I think I identify with this weather. Calm and serene yet aggressive and so full of passion 🙂 This is quite contrary to the beautiful land of Goa.

I’ve stayed in Goa since I was a child and believe me, the rains were a time for endless paper boats sent floating on the roads already filled with water, watching the coconut trees sway dangerously, and looking out for the next lightening in the dark sky followed by a loud clap of thunder. When monsoons begin in Goa, there’s no saying when you’d see the Sun God all shining brightly! But then, monsoons are monsoons! And, Goan monsoons are beautiful, enigmatic and the sea roars in all her fury.

I catch myself in a contemplative mood courtesy the weather

I chose this bright red dress for the summer as it can get gloomy in Bangalore. I’d like a pop of colour always! Be it the dress or my nails!

Do you have favourite place to street stop?

Do let me know as I’d love to visit those as well!

Dress: Colva, Goa

Bag: Calangute, Goa

Footwear: Reliance Trends, Bangalore

Summer Sizzle and Drizzle: Always available

Photographer: Shounak Kelkar (Instagram: x.focus)