Fashion goes 3-D as Printing Turns Easy

It’s time for a fashion makeover! And what a makeover indeed!

Fashion has gone through a tremendous amount of changes over the years. With designers displaying innovative creations every year at numerous fashion weeks, it takes a genius to stand out from the competition. And Shapeways, a leading name in 3D fashion printing is making waves in the fashion circuit.

Wait a minute! 3D fashion? Another fancy term?

Certainly not!

What is 3D Fashion?

Kinematics Dress. Image Courtesy: Nervous System

Kinematics Dress. Image Courtesy: Nervous System

A stunning dress was recently designed and unveiled by Nervous System. This gorgeous creation is a combination of foldable forms which are composed of modules. Thousands of panels are connected together to create one beautiful dress. Such a design is made meticulously on the Kinematics software (Nervous System’s 4D printing system) as can be seen in the image. Designers need to be well-versed with the behavior of geometry. Such a stunning design requires the creativity of fashion designers and 3D printing engineers for the ultimate design to appear in form. As every year passes by, new techniques are devised by companies such as Shapeways, wherein you can upload your own design and get it 3D printed! Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?!

How does it all happen?

Shapeways uses an additive manufacturing process. 3D printers are used to translate a file produced through 3D modeling software. A computer-aided design file acts as a blueprint to create a 3D printed design.

The printer reads the data and thus begins the layer upon layer process. These layers maybe created from metal or ceramic. However, the latest technology using additive manufacturing techniques makes it easy to create a 3D dress or accessory of your choice. Thousands of products can be printed in one shot using the most cost-effective techniques.

Interested in 3D Printed Fashion? Here’s what you can do!

Image courtesy: Nervous System

Image courtesy: Nervous System

Have a design? Upload it on Shapeways and get an instant check of your 3D file. Your design can be printed in over 50+ materials and a pricing will be shared within no time. The moment a design is uploaded, the rest of details can be left up to firms such as Shapeways that deliver the 3D printed fashion in no time.

As a fashion designer, you can easily upload your designs here in the online shop. The moment a buyer places an order, your design will be printed by Shapeways!

Buyers can simply check out this cool site to place an order. Browse through various categories such as accessories, jewelry, art, fashion, and more.

Necklace available on Shapeways. Designer Domini Kraskin

Necklace available on Shapeways. Designer Domini Kraskin

If you’ve found this information helpful, feel free to share this blog! Read the full interview with the designers of the creative 3D Dress.


Quirky Accessories for the Fashion Savvy

What do you think about these pretty fashion accessories by artist, Khyati Mehra Sharma? I find her collection vibrant, bold, and so Indian to the core! Her accessories are a burst of colours….all set up brighten up any day of the week. Khyati connects with her spiritual side through her paintings and other creations and has been in the industry for over 5 years. No wonder, every piece is a story in itself. Khyatiworks is a bold and vibrant collection of handpainted products that all art lovers will connect with instantly!

Visit her Facebook page or check out her website to browse the collection.

Pretty footwear

Pretty footwear

Khyati 3

Earrings that can be teamed with an Indian or Western outfit

Khyati 1

Cool fashion accessories


Cool Indie Label: Radio Rani Adds Oomph to the Indian Saree

It’s been quite a while I’ve blogged. Blame it on the increasing number of assignments or the soaring temperatures! Sigh! Never mind the excuses! But I will make it up by sharing some gorgeous creations by Sneh Nihalani from Mumbai. Her brand Radio Rani is designed to set the pulses racing and is bound to grab attention every time you drape yourself in her creation. The designs of these stunning sarees have retained the beautiful Indian flavour with all the colours, forms and concepts that defines a true Indian beauty! Here’s wishing Sneh all the luck with her venture for dressing up women so stylishly!

You may check out more images at her Facebook page or write to Sneh:

Photographer: Pavitr Saith. Illustrator for the motifs: Snehali Pawar.


‘Happy Feet’ with Zubiya’s Creative Footwear


Colourful Ballerinas

A very happy New Year to all the lovely bloggers and readers out there! I hope the year 2014 is filled with creativity and happiness! Speaking about creativity, I must make a mention of one spunky lady who has taken it to a different level. A passion for fashion and a never-ending zest to create handmade products, she now has her own brand of creative footwear…. Yes, you read it right! Footwear!

Meet Priyanka Gusain, a young entrepreneur who has a fetish for footwear. And of course, a creative bent of mind. Her brand,Zubiya’, is a result of her hard work and creativity that began at an early age. Says Priyanka (founder), “I have always been a creative person. I used to paint my own converse shoes, bags and wallets whilst in college. This would garner appreciation! My friends suggested that I start something creative and Zubiya was born!”

It’s been an overwhelming one year for ‘Zubiya’. Creative ballerinas with funky hand painted motifs are available for a steal on Ms. Priyanka’s website. Freaky moustaches on a neon green background to ethnic prints on footwear, Priyanka’s creativity extends to wallets and hand bags as well! Custom made designs are also an option.

When I asked her about any hurdles faced at the start of this innovative venture, she replied, “Once you think about starting something of your own, it can be exciting but one should be prepared to face the difficulties. There have been many sleepless nights to finalize an idea or a particular design but in the end, no matter how much hard work I have put into this venture – ZUBIYA, for me doing something I love gives me creative satisfaction. This is totally worth losing some beauty sleep.”

With the growing demand for e-commerce sites, ‘Zubiya’s’ products are also sold online and through exhibitions. When asked about the customer response to e-shopping, she quipped, “The times are changing! It’s all about e-shopping now! The easy return policy helps customers to get quick returns in case there is a problem with size. Easy money-back policies also make it helpful for the customer who could be located anywhere around the world.”

With a unique range of colourful funky shoes, iPhone covers, bags, etc., the products appeal to all age groups. Priyanka is proud that her products are used by a 12 year old to a hip and happening granny! She underlines that her speciality is about customizing products to suit individual fashion taste. Ranging from quirky, ethnic to abstract, her collection has it all!

When quizzed about any advice for fashionistas, she mentioned, “Experiment with things. In this manner, simple things will have an interesting twist!”

On that note, do visit Zubiya’s Facebook page and website to have a glimpse of her colourful zubi’s (products). I’m sure even Cinderella will bid adieu to her glass slippers!


Find Your Expression at Instring, Bangalore

I’ve been window-shopping off late and I think I’m suitably rewarded. Since I’m new to Bangalore, I have to begin my search for fashion destinations from scratch. I don’t mean the branded stuff, that’s available everywhere at malls. You find dozens of replicas too! I like collecting interesting stuff that should hopefully have fewer copies being sold around in the market. (And at a competitive rate!)

Today, when most women are so conscious about looking good and feeling fit, there are many things that go into making you feel like a million bucks! No, I don’t mean spending this obscene an amount of money. I mean simple fashion accessories that can lift up a dull dress or liven up your pretty smile. A beautiful strand of cultured pearls can make a little black dress look super elegant. Or a kundan jewelry set can give a royal feel to your saree.

I came across one such place, bang on the main road at J.P. Nagar 7th phase, Bangalore. Named as ‘Instring – The Lifestyle Studio’, this destination is aimed at women, men and kids. Women, eat your heart out as the imitation jewelry pieces on display here are bound to tempt you into picking not just one…. maybe two or more!

An elegant glittering necklace for traditional wear or funky earrings with bracelets….it’s all here! So whether you are a fashion diva or a hippie at heart, there’s something here for every kind of woman. I found my choice of chunky jewelry….an emerald green necklace and a funky little neckpiece with a modern painting design. I think these will accentuate a pretty white top with blue jeans!

Psst…ladies, they do have an amazing collection of lingerie designs too. Besides, the service is quick and disciplined. Quite contrary to many shops I’ve been here, where language can be an issue. The toys and gift article section is interesting as well. It includes items carefully selected for the quirky and elite clientele.

Mr. Narendra Kumar Choradia, the brain behind Instring, has been kind enough to share exclusive photographs of his gorgeous collection of jewelry. Eat your heart out girls if you can’t make it here!

To know more, you can visit their Facebook page. Reserve a good amount of time for browsing here.