Accepting Change is the Only Constant

When life gives you lemons…..all you feel is the bitter taste. The taste of failure, anxiety, sadness, depression.

It’s only we who can rise above everything to squeeze the lemons and make a good lemon soda out of them!

We often dwell on the things that worry us, we think about the goals we don’t achieve and we beat ourselves up for the things that went wrong.

As a blogger, I’ve had my share of ups and downs in life. Possibly, things that even put me in doubt of what I am doing. I can write about all the things that readers want to see – beautiful stuff that is so common on social media these days. I want to be real though.

The year was an extremely difficult one – one that saw me as a different person, a person even I did not recognize. That was odd, I was always confident about myself – not overly confident but definitely aware of my capabilities. I was always focussed on my goals, never the kind to be affected by an issue. Yet, here I was, a person who was constantly dissatisfied, annoyed and always feeling low.

I have been on this hunt – searching for the person that I was. I discovered one positive thing –

The only thing between you and your goal is You!

That says a lot about my problem. I was too focused on my own setbacks. I looked around. Everybody had their set of worries. Yet, there were only a handful who chose to speak about it. And, not pretend everything is ok. It takes power to speak up. To accept something has not gone right. To know you’ve probably made a mistake. But, that’s ok. Don’t look around at everybody’s perfect lives. They aren’t that perfect, look at the situation more deeply. And, you’ll surely see that you aren’t the only person who is facing problems.

I am loving the process of finding myself again. Next time you feel down, remember,  the only thing permanent is change.

Have you made the change to improve your life?


Love in a Time of Convenience

Dedicated to people who seek the old-school romance ūüôā

Love is a feeling….a beautiful feeling.

Love is sometimes an illusion, sometimes fulfilling…
Love is sometimes a beautiful gesture, at times a false promise

Love, to me, is all-encompassing, at times stifling…
Love is about letting go…when you still want to hold on to…
Love in this age of convenience is merely a tool….
A tool because everyone has it…
A tool because you want it…
Not because you feel it in your heart
But, because you need it…
You see it everywhere….
Love is in fashion, love needs to be flaunted
Is this love? Or, something unwanted?

Trends come and trends go…
Love will always stay.

But, will it stay? Should it stay?

Is love about growing old together?
Or, is love about letting go of….Love itself?

Love is a complex feeling. if you feel it…

I wish to let it go…..
So, that it comes back to me to stay one day.

Kashmira Lad Blog



Why you need to put Yourself first this International Yoga Day

So, it’s common to celebrate days in today’s time. “Marketing gimmicks,” labels a friend. Another mutters, “All nonsense, we don’t need such day” To most I would say, yes, a lot of things are quite gimmicky and a turn-off. But, that shouldn’t deter us from understanding the main message.

International Yoga Day or World Yoga Day is celebrated with great excitement by Yoga enthusiasts the world over. Yoga is not just a form of exercise, it is a practice of the way you lead your life, how you form your thoughts, and of course, test your physical strength with all the various asanas.

So often, we find ourselves trapped in the race to rush to work, leaving no time for Yoga, or any other form of exercise for that matter. It’s always, “I’ll surely do this tomorrow,” or “I’ll meditate in the evening,” and “I think I need to speed up my Yoga routine because I gotta reach office on time.” Sounds familiar? Yeah, it sounds so like me. But, Yoga is not about speeding up, it’s about slowing down to watch your breath.

Well, I’ve worked on a full-time job for a good number of years. While some companies insisted on a 9-hour routine, others had a 7-hour policy. Doesn’t matter what you do in those 9-hours, as long as you look busy. Well, for workaholics like me, I would end up being seated with rare breaks only for lunch or the usual loo breaks. Great! But, workaholics like me need to understand the importance of putting yourself first.

Which is why, this International Yoga Day, I want you to take a break, stop what you are doing, and focus on this practice. Don’t get carried away with your work load.¬†Take time out to stretch, meditate, challenge yourself, and enjoy the asanas. After all, you surely don’t want to end up with a nagging pain in your back, right? Take those short breaks, work with complete focus, and you won’t feel tired ever.

This International Yoga Day, let’s work on our goals, by bringing the focus on You. So, are you ready?

I ensure I have the right clothing gear for my routine. Here’s a basic list of things you’ll need to begin a Yoga Routine.

  1. I always need my Yoga mat. You can purchase one online for a reasonable rate. Check this pretty Strauss Yoga Mat design here. It comes with a floral pattern.
  2. I have to have comfortable Tees in my wardrobe. Check this Dryfit Tshirt with Mesh Insert.¬†You’ll find this one quite neat for your Yoga sessions.
  3. A perfect pair of Yoga pants is essential. It can’t be too loose as you certainly don’t want them falling and rolling back when you lift your legs up high! Go for a snug fit. Check this slim elastic pants.¬†I found these good for my routine. The small elastic is comfortable for me.
  4. I also recommend keeping your hair in place with a sturdy band. Also, drop those jewelry items before you practice.Lastly, all you need is to make up your mind to begin Yoga or any other fitness routine of your choice.

Begin with a small step today. Do let me know your routine in the comments section below.

*Some of the products mentioned on my website are affiliate links. If you do plan a purchase, please use the links mentioned on my site. This blog is based on personal experience of the products and is not sponsored by any brand. All reviews are 100% genuine and personal.

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Once Upon a Time, it Wasn’t about Numbers

Oh, yes! All my favorite stories began in this manner during my childhood days. ‘Once upon a time’, and ended with a ‘happily ever after’. But then, does life bring these ‘sentences to life’ for each one of us? I’m afraid not.

We have our set goals, our dreams, our ambitions. Our quest for love. Yet, as we grow up, everything suddenly changes to numbers. It’s about how much we learn, how we pay our bills, what amount should we set aside for our next road trip, the number of deadlines to be met, and so much more.

Age is also a number. A woman’s happiness (or discomfort) in our society revolves around when she should be getting married, at what age she should bear children, and the age number even dictates what she must adorn, or how she must behave.

Once¬†upon a time, we explored creativity to the fullest. We spun long tales out of a web of words in modest notebooks. Once upon a time, we didn’t even have to count the number of friends despite the non-existence of social media. And definitely, it was once upon a time, when happiness didn’t mean a trip to the mall.

Today, no matter how successful and happy you are, you aren’t truly successful until you have lakhs of followers on social media channels. Your popularity is defined by your followers even if a majority of them seem to represent fake IDs. It’s the age of numbers when quality is left far behind. We are so busy chasing the number of visits, the number of likes, the number of shares, that we forget our sense of purpose. For some, the sole purpose of life is updating a Whatsapp Dp or Facebook profile pic and waiting breathlessly for the pings or comments to flow in.

So, do we allow these numbers to dictate our lives? Professionally, our lives revolve around it, doesn’t it? Yet, I’m sure there are many out there who beg to differ and prefer the quality of life over anything. So what if we are behind in the rat race. I’m sure not everybody wants to belong to it anyway!

Till then, we can also wait for the ‘happily ever after’. But, then, isn’t ‘happily ever after’ so ‘once upon a time’?

Something to ponder….

Kashmira Lad

New Beginnings, Different City

I remember the day I first started a blog. It happened at a time when I just exploring blogging for an IT firm I worked for. Out of curiosity, I began my own blog as well. However, time was always a constraint especially when I wanted to spend my weekends for relaxation.

As I soon discovered, blogging is a fantastic way to connect with people across the globe. What’s even better is the number of blogs you explore, get inspired, and there is so much to learn. I never thought I would finally have my own website ever. I know many of you reading this might wonder why you need to. But, trust me, even if you are a beginner just go ahead and get your own domain name, and host your own site.

I started out my Facebook and Twitter channels as a means to connect with other like-minded people on subjects such as fashion, and style. Over the years, however, as my thought process has changed more towards sustainability and our responsibility towards the environment, and as such, my views on fashion have also changed. That said, I am still crazy about fashion and styling, yet, I would like to make conscious decisions when I shop Рclothing or cosmetics. 

So, in the next couple of months, you will find a bit of a shift in the subjects I deal with on my blog. I also wish to promote women empowerment¬†. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel for women struggling to find their ground. Don’t we all know that? But, it takes help, support from each other to lead us to the light. At this point, I’d like to mention, one of my closest friends had quite diverse views about how married women in India should be or how they need to ‘put up with everything’ that comes their way. I, however, beg to differ. And, I wish to remind every person going through their own turmoils – don’t let anyone dull the sparkle in you. If you wait to please your friends, neighbors, or family, you won’t get anything but self-doubt and grief. Just be yourself and follow your dreams. Make them happen. Don’t worry about people sniggering behind your back. Because they will always do that. The more you taste success, the more you will need to keep your chin up and walk tall.¬†

So, I am in a new city….new, because I will explore it from my viewpoint. As the new girl in Bengaluru city, I hope to discover new things.¬†

Do explore my new website.¬†I would be extremely happy if you subscribe and leave your link below. I’ll get back to you too!


Kashmira Lad