6 Soothing Colours & Styles to Redefine your Look

Hello! I am happy to share a guest post by another Style blogger. Check out Aditi Roy’s take on colours and style. This is her blog, in her own words!

Women generally prefer looking fresh, bright and beautiful, no matter what season, reason or occasion it is. Particularly before attending any function, a woman ensures that she wears a beautiful dress that makes her look absolutely stunning for the function. The colour and type of the attire completely depends upon the kind of occasion that she may attend. If the occasion is grand, wearing colourful and gorgeous ethnic attire is a must!

For the modern women, however, it becomes very difficult to keep commitments of attending any occasion, following a very tight schedule. So if she gets an invitation, she is always confused about the choice of her attire.  She rummages through her clothes probably for the umpteenth time to find something suitable to wear. She ends up finding nothing good to wear for the occasion. Or sometimes nothing to wear at all!

This can mean two things:

  • Either you need to clean up your wardrobe and revamp it.
  • Or, you may be a shopaholic, but you don’t shop carefully. Rather you simply collect whatever you like.

Unless you are aware of your style or choice, it will be difficult for you to choose the right colour and designs for yourself, because choosing the right colour and style for any outfit is the essential step. Black, brown, beige and blue are universal colours. They also have a classic touch in them. And they can easily be teamed up with any other colour or any other style of dressing, whether traditional or modern, whether it is a saree or salwar kameez. In fact, it is advisable to keep these colours in your colour palette to style yourself differently for those romantic dates or rare parties or any other traditional occasion. These are important colours for your wardrobe, even if you’re partially cleaning it up.

1.Gold, glitz & glamour!

You always thought that gold was tacky, isn’t it? But you definitely have to think again! Shades of pink and purple on gold base, intricate with brocade pallu brings out the glam factor in the designer sarees online. Even jamwar thread work on the sarees are something that you just afford to miss!

2.Unusual Greys

The greys recently have taken place of the blacks and whites! This is an unusual colour. The grey printed crepe designer saree online with a subtle shimmer, is perfectly suitable for the parties.  Pair it up with these stunning Indian pieces of jewelry online shopping to make your own style statement for the next party.

3.Classic Mint


Feel blue in this classic mint! This mint colour cotton semi-stitched salwar- kameez is gorgeous in itself! The yellow and red thread work near the neck is a great option to make your look comfortable and elegant throughout the day or any other traditional occasional. Indian jewelry online shopping, like  traditional earrings will look appropriate with this salwar-kameez.

4.Pretty Pink

This beautiful, lacy and bright pink salwar kameez will make you stand out amongst the crowd when worn during traditional occasions. Gorgeous zari work on the upper part of the churidar gives it a unique definition. Pair it up with light pink make up and accessorize yourself with light Indian jewelry online shopping.

5.Go Floral!

Are you planning to go out on a casual date with your friends, this weekend?  Try the floral printed silk saree online shopping or floral printed anarkalis. Florals will always suit your personality and they will never go out of fashion.  Halter neck designer blouse patterns paired with this saree will automatically create a smouldering-hot look.

Team up your anarkali slawar kameez up with the Beautiful Chandbali Earrings with Green Meena  work to give an edge to your ethnic style.

Still confused about selecting the right designs and shades? You can never go wrong with the blacks. If you do not want to go for block solid colours, mix and match your fabrics, as modern or traditional colours and styles if and when worn with grace will only enhance your beauty in many ways. So wait no longer and get yourself some beautiful shades in Silk Saree online shopping, designer blouse patterns, indian jewelry online shopping only Indian silk house agencies to grab attention…

About Aditi Roy:  I am an experienced blogger and article writer and have a knack for writing modern as well as traditional fashion, catering to the needs of the readers who enjoy reading about the recent style and fashion trends.  Come and explore the world of fashion with me!


Why you need to put Yourself first this International Yoga Day

So, it’s common to celebrate days in today’s time. “Marketing gimmicks,” labels a friend. Another mutters, “All nonsense, we don’t need such day” To most I would say, yes, a lot of things are quite gimmicky and a turn-off. But, that shouldn’t deter us from understanding the main message.

International Yoga Day or World Yoga Day is celebrated with great excitement by Yoga enthusiasts the world over. Yoga is not just a form of exercise, it is a practice of the way you lead your life, how you form your thoughts, and of course, test your physical strength with all the various asanas.

So often, we find ourselves trapped in the race to rush to work, leaving no time for Yoga, or any other form of exercise for that matter. It’s always, “I’ll surely do this tomorrow,” or “I’ll meditate in the evening,” and “I think I need to speed up my Yoga routine because I gotta reach office on time.” Sounds familiar? Yeah, it sounds so like me. But, Yoga is not about speeding up, it’s about slowing down to watch your breath.

Well, I’ve worked on a full-time job for a good number of years. While some companies insisted on a 9-hour routine, others had a 7-hour policy. Doesn’t matter what you do in those 9-hours, as long as you look busy. Well, for workaholics like me, I would end up being seated with rare breaks only for lunch or the usual loo breaks. Great! But, workaholics like me need to understand the importance of putting yourself first.

Which is why, this International Yoga Day, I want you to take a break, stop what you are doing, and focus on this practice. Don’t get carried away with your work load. Take time out to stretch, meditate, challenge yourself, and enjoy the asanas. After all, you surely don’t want to end up with a nagging pain in your back, right? Take those short breaks, work with complete focus, and you won’t feel tired ever.

This International Yoga Day, let’s work on our goals, by bringing the focus on You. So, are you ready?

I ensure I have the right clothing gear for my routine. Here’s a basic list of things you’ll need to begin a Yoga Routine.

  1. I always need my Yoga mat. You can purchase one online for a reasonable rate. Check this pretty Strauss Yoga Mat design here. It comes with a floral pattern.
  2. I have to have comfortable Tees in my wardrobe. Check this Dryfit Tshirt with Mesh Insert. You’ll find this one quite neat for your Yoga sessions.
  3. A perfect pair of Yoga pants is essential. It can’t be too loose as you certainly don’t want them falling and rolling back when you lift your legs up high! Go for a snug fit. Check this slim elastic pants. I found these good for my routine. The small elastic is comfortable for me.
  4. I also recommend keeping your hair in place with a sturdy band. Also, drop those jewelry items before you practice.Lastly, all you need is to make up your mind to begin Yoga or any other fitness routine of your choice.

Begin with a small step today. Do let me know your routine in the comments section below.

*Some of the products mentioned on my website are affiliate links. If you do plan a purchase, please use the links mentioned on my site. This blog is based on personal experience of the products and is not sponsored by any brand. All reviews are 100% genuine and personal.


Try It. Book It. Flaunt & Return It!

Every fashionista goes through the ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ kind of crisis. In a time when shopaholics are spoilt for choice, it’s but natural to be tempted to be in step with the latest trends, almost all the time! After all, our celebrities are the source of inspiration when it comes to being trendy at every event. But, hey, did you know that a majority of the outfits our dear celebs flaunt are not even their own? Celebs ‘borrow’ clothes quite often from leading designers. While some designers do it to publicize their label, others offer their ensembles to their friend and celeb rolled into one. 

Sigh! What about the common muggles like me who doesn’t really have a designer friend to borrow an outfit from? I mean, I am from Goa but I never really befriended Wendell Rodricks 😀 That’s when Rent an Attire came to the rescue.

This place is a one-stop-shop for every fashionista looking for elaborate ethnic Indian wear

Rent an Attire, Pune

Jewelry on display

and trendy western dresses on rent. Rent! Did I say rent? Well, hell yes! This trend is catching up so much and it also saves shopaholics time+money+space. All you have to do is select the design, wear it, and return it. (Terms and conditions apply.) That’s how you’ll have a large wardrobe without the need of storing elaborately lehengas in your closet. These are outfits which you’ll probably wear once and then relegate it to the back of your cupboard. And it makes sense to rent it then! What do you think?

(P.S. They take good care of their clothes, everything is dry cleaned and inspected to provide a hassle-free experience for the customers.) Their in-house fashion designers and stylists take care of every minor detail. They have an amazing collection of designer wear (first copies) for the conscious fashionista.

Oh, and did I mention they have a lovely range of jewelry for women and sherwani’s for men? Go, take a look –

Rent an Attire, Pune

Rent an Attire, Pune

Aisha Fatima flaunts a blazing red gown

Aisha Fatima seen in a short number so perfect for a party!

Aisha Fatima seen in a short number so perfect for a party!

Rent an Attire, Pune

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/Rentanattire

Address: Shop No. 12, Spandan, Opposite Mai Mangeshkar Hospital ,Warje, Pune, India 411058

Happy Renting, Lovelies!


Stunning Handloom Sarees Directly from the Weavers

It is true that many shopaholics often get dazzled with the term – Designer. *Designer sarees, designer blouses, designer furniture, and what not. While the term ‘Designer’ if often loosely used, today I am going to share a collection that in my opinion, is made by amazing, creative, and hard-working people.

For me, the weavers of  Pochampally, Uppada, Mangalagiri, Gadwal, and Banaras are designers in their own way. Sure, they do not have a fancy degree or any public relation skills. However, they have one important thing – Talent, loads of it.

The sarees sold on Weavesmart are indeed exclusive and beautiful – each a stunning masterpiece. These weavers have their setup to weave the intricate designs that you see on Weavesmart. The entire process of hand looms is extremely tedious and requires great attention to detail. One has to be meticulous in their daily work and of course, this is a talent that is handed down from generation-to-generation.

When I stumbled upon Weavesmart, I was pleasantly surprised to find one UNIQUE website that sells sarees directly from the weavers. Now, compare it to other shopping sites, and you will know the difference.

The website user interface may not be ‘designer’, but the clothes they sell sure are!

This is not about any brand label or famous designers, this is the hard work of weavers who are struggling to build an identity and are facing the threat of commercialization due to mass-produced clothing.

Weavesmart, the brainchild of Prasanth Manne, Nishita Manne and, Swapnika Chadalavada, aims to promote the talent of these amazing people to the modern fashionistas. Now, you no longer have to wait for a holiday break to visit exclusive regions in India that source such sarees. Everything is simple, within a click of a button.

Weavesmart has the following collection 


Pochampally Ikat Silk Saree

Pochampally Sarees: This collection includes silks and cotton sourced from the Silk City of India in the Nalgonda District. (Andhra Pradesh). In this collection, you will come across the Ikkat or Tie-and-Dye weave. The colors used are taken from natural resources.

Uppada Sarees:

Uppada Silk Saree

Uppada Silk Saree

The beautiful sarees belonging to Uppada collection come from the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. This includes a complex process wherein we find the use of the traditional charka. No wonder the sarees turn out to be so beautiful indeed!

Mangalagiri Sarees: This collection has a broad range of pure cotton sarees so suitable for Indian weather. They look elegant and are found in striking designs, particularly their checks pattern.

Gadwal: This range of Indian sarees includes cotton and silk or a combination of both. The colors are rich and the designs are very vibrant.

Banarasi Sarees:

A masterpiece in Banarasi Saree

A masterpiece in Banarasi Saree

I am sure you will go ga-ga over their Banarasi collection. Handwoven to perfection, Banarasi sarees are suitable for every special occasion. The color red is indeed mesmerizing!

Weavesmart is currently touted to be the only online marketplace in India that connects buyers with the weavers. It is so easy to shop till you drop right in the comfort of your home with this useful website. The founders do not purchase goods from the weavers. They sell it directly and the price paid by a customer is sent to the weaver. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to source the exact design as shown on the site. This is because the sarees can be sold out fast and by the time you place an order, it may take a little while to use the hand-loom process to produce the same design. One design is done only for 5-7 sarees (That’s exclusive!) If you like a saree, make sure you book it now.

Weavesmart has a good return and exchange policy of 15 days period. This is something that is every buyer’s concern. However, I do not think that you will need ever to return such fabulous designs!

Delivery: Is dependent upon the design. If the design is ready, it will be shipped the next day from the date of order. In case any finishing work is pending from the Weaver, a notification will be sent to the buyer. Shipping is free for an order of Rs. 3000 and above. International shipping is available. More details on the website.

Shopping in Stilettos Recommends: Their Banarasi collection is my personal favorite.

Meet the weavers here.

Every time you make a purchase here, you will be helping the weaver community and the handloom industry to thrive in India. So, have you selected your design yet?

*Disclaimer: I am not against fashion designers. I do not appreciate anyone using the word freely so sell things that are not original.



2 Ways to Wear a Handwoven Dress by Nool

I finally tried on the dress by Nool by Hand. It was comfortable and soft. The color was an amazing sea-green (Emerald Green) and it came with a jute belt. The neckline has a closed design with a modest collar that is suitable for work. Team it with leggings to do the trick. You can also wear a dupatta though I found it avoidable. Contrast leggings in various prints will also work well. You can wear this versatile dress in many different ways if you peep into your wardrobe. Different set of heels will also do the trick!

The price of the Green dress: Rs. 1500/-

How to order: Just send a message on their Facebook Page. You will get a reply soon. Their delivery was prompt.

This dress is comfortable for the Indian weather. Do read the entire story behind Nool By Hand.

The dress used as a kurta with white leggings for work

The dress used as a kurta with white leggings for work


The beautiful handwoven dress that comes with a jute belt

The beautiful handwoven dress that comes with a jute belt


Large pockets to stash some secret goodies!!