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After the bohemian trend, we are taking a peek at short outfits for the summer and how you can add the two trends of gingham and light prints in muted tones to rock the summer season!

Summer trends cannot be complete without a collection of short outfits. The heat is high and as the hemlines get shorter, you can easily add to the hotness quotient by picking the right styles and cuts to add to your summer sizzle.

I’ve chosen two ways to wear short outfits for the summer. You can either go bold in a vibrant green or opt for a muted shade if that suits your personality. The idea is to keep it light and fun while being comfortable. I’ve found a fantastic collection at RMZ Galleria, Yelahanka New Town, and I’ve combined the look this time with footwear from Soles.

Summer Fashion: Trend 1

Global Desi Outfit: Rs. 1,899

Soft and breezy playsuits are one of my picks for the summer fashion trend. I’ve given the denim shorts a miss and opted for a gingham patterned playsuit from Global Desi. This tangy lime green outfit mixed with shades of yellow is right on spot as a summer fashion trend. I’ve combined the Global Desi outfit with geometrical accessories. These are light, easy to wear and does not overpower the look. I’ve combined it with contrast bag that looks like my personal mini-fan. I love the detailing on the bag and it will definitely hold the basic essentials. I’ve worn these with white heels from Soles (RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka, Bangalore). You can also combine the look with flats if you’d like to wear it to a casual summer poolside party.

Now, that’s why I love Geometry! Earrings: Rs. 599.

Necklace: 1,099. Bag: Rs. 599

Summer Fashion: Look 2

Global Desi Printed Shorts with Waist Belt: Rs. 1,299

I’ve picked breezy summer shorts from Global Desi. I’ve particularly liked these for the shade in mustard and light prints all over. I love the little sash around the waist! The plain white top is accentuated with geometrical prints and has a little frill around it to add to the summery look.

I’ve combined this look with ivory white footwear with embellishments from Global Desi. I’ve loved creating this look with the colourful bangles and continued with large statement earrings that again reflect the geometrical shapes trending for summer fashion. The blue bag creates a strong contrast.

Global Desi White Top: Rs. 999. Bangles: Rs. 499
Global Desi and Soles have completed my summer trends collection making it vibrant and playful while keeping me comfortable for the weather! Have you got any summer fashion tips? I’d love to know. Write to me in the comments section below
Global Desi Statement earrings: Rs. 799

Location: Global Desi, RMZ Mall Galleria, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore

Outfits: Global Desi

Accessories: Global Desi

Footwear: Soles (First Look) and Global Desi

Photographs: Nitin Chauhan

Summer Cooling: Free!


This week, we are focusing on summer fashion that is all about flowing dresses and colours that highlight the essence of the Indian summer.

What I love about summer fashion is the chance to keep your attire the way you want it without worrying too much about layers! Think summer, and summer florals, a burst of colours, as well as a flowing outfits often crop up in the mind. A summer fashion trend I love most are bohemian fashion dresses with their flowing structure and styles, almost synonymous with hippie fashion.

Bohemian fashion and summer trends make a fine combination if you want to add a touch of attitude to your wardrobe. One of my favourite bohemian fashion brands is Global Desi by Anita Dongre. I feel their collection largely emphasizes a free spirited woman – something I identify with. I love the boldness of the attire that lets you create different looks without losing the essence of the garment or your personality. Summer fashion 2019 is all about the boho-chic look, shorts, long dresses, bright prints, nautical stripes, ruffles and more. Take a look at the latest from Global Desi.

If you are in North Bangalore, don’t forget to drop by at RMZ Galleria, Yelahanka and grab the best styles in store. I found their collections amazingly spot on for trends. This is soon turning out to be a hip place and a great location is you have time around 
the Kempegowda International Airport.

Global Desi Summer Fashion Dress: Price Rs. 3099
Global Desi Summer Fashion Accessories: Bangles Rs. 499

What I’ve chosen: A beautiful Global Desi bright yellow dress mixed with a shade of green with tiny prints all over. It has a twisted cord belt and the sleeveless design is perfect for the heat. I’ve combined it with a red bag that is triangular in shape. It’s perfect for those who love to add a sense of quirk to their summer fashion style. The bag is perfect to keep your essentials and I love that it stands out so well against the yellow. I’ve combined with it open-toed footwear also from Global Desi. These are funky, and super cute and they blend so well with the dress. Combine it with large earrings and funky bangles and you are ready to rock!

Global Desi Red Bag: Rs. 599

How you can style it: The Global Desi dress is suitable for all occasions if you are used to making heads turn! You can add your touch keeping your makeup low key and get the sun-kissed look. Add a lot of bronzer for your highlights. Makeup can be neutral with an emphasis on bold lips. You can opt for wavy hair with bandannas to create drama for the look.

What do I love about the look? Well, comfort is the key and this dress is comfortable and suitable for the hot Indian weather.

Global Desi Earrings: Rs. 899

Must-Have Items for Bohemian Fashion

  • Long Flowing Dresses in prints that are geometric or eye-catching
  • Clothing in Bright Colours
  • Flat footwear such as Gladiators
  • Colourful headbands and scarves (Global Desi has plenty of scarves!)
  • Chunky jewelry (Use one item – either earrings or a large necklace)
  • Bright bags in prints that reflect the hippie style

Have you added this summer fashion trend to your wardrobe? Hop over to RMZ Galleria, Bangalore to grab this design. They have an amazing collection for every woman who is looking for the latest in summer fashion trends.

Global Desi Footwear: Rs. 499

Location:  Global Desi, RMZ Galleria, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore

Dress: Global Desi

Accessories: Global Desi

Photographer: Nitin Chauhan

Frame of Mind: Funky!


The Lifestyle End of Season Sale (EOSS) is on and shopaholics are happier than ever before. There are discounts being offered on women’s wear, makeup, footwear, men’s wear, kid’s section, and almost everything out here. The Flat 50% is a treat for shopaholics who love to shop till they drop. I browsed almost everything in the women’s section and picked up so many things for a great discount. Fashionistas – this is the right time to revamp your wardrobe with the Lifestyle Flat 50% off for the EOSS going on at RMZ Galleria, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore. Do view my video below.

Browsing through the collections at Ginger by Lifestyle
Amazing collection at Lifestyle!
Have you checked out the Lifestyle EOSS?
Melange by Lifestyle
I love the jewellery collection at Lifestyle!
Dress: Ginger by Lifestyle
Outfit: Ginger by Lifestyle
That’s the way, I like it
Great service and trials at Lifestyle
I want the makeup!
I’ve sealed it with a kiss!

Thank you, Lifestyle, RMZ Galleria, Bangalore. I’ve had a fun day here and loved your collection and service!


Hello, everyone!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful start to the New Year! I’ve had so much fun dropping in by the Soch Store for the Red Dot Sale at RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore. I loved checking out the EOSS collections as well as the new collections. It was fun to meet Soch fans who couldn’t stop raving about the quality and designs of Soch. Do view my video below to know more about Soch reviews and what’s in store! 



Hello, folks! I’ve recently posted about Diwali dress ideas and shopping smart this season! The festivities of Diwali includes invitations for different parties that may not always be traditional in approach. So, as you are allowed to break some rules, I ensure I have multi-purpose garments to be used for various occasions. In my earlier post, I combined this outfit with a yellow jacket. And, for those informal parties where you might need to shake a leg, I prefer a light-weight garment. So, when I am in a hurry, I ditch the jacket and add earrings or a statement necklace to jazz up the outfit. As this outfit is also in two shades with a sheen, I did not want a loud appearance. My style statement is to keep it simple and neat. You can certainly combine the dress with statement jewellery pieces, accessories or add a pair of glamour heels to rock the look and add your own touch!


When it comes to a Diwali fashion dress, bright loud colours always dominate the scene. These colours reflect the joy of Diwali. But, often, my bright outfits end up being unused all throughout the year. I always love combining different looks and experimenting to ensure I have more options to dress up without the constant need to buy things.

We had a ball clicking these photos. As a blogger, I had my share of funny moments in the crowd wherein most people unaware of the concept of blogging stared in curiosity. As you can see, my dress crumpled up a bit after a long drive in the Bangalore traffic. If you are a Bangalorean, you would surely be used to this by now. 

What have you shopped for your Diwali outfit? I’d like to know. Do drop by on my social media channels and I’d love to hear from you! Wish you a Happy Diwali!

Photographer: Shounak Kelkar

Dress: Cotton Village

Earrings: Zaveri Pearls

Footwear: DressBerry




Kashmira Lad Bangalore Fashion Bloggers

Diwali Dress shopping figures high on the list of many looking to curate a unique look. The demand for Diwali Indian dresses increases around this time of the year when swirling skirts, anarkalis, trendy kurtas and even Indian fusion wear is high of the lists of many. So, if you are looking to buy a Diwali dress online or purchase from your local store, there are some basics you need to follow before making that splurge. It’s ok to expand your budget for designer dresses for Diwali, but in a time when shopaholics shop all through the year, it makes sense to shop smart and wisely.

I’m all for an environmentally safe Diwali as the importance of a green Diwali holds high for me. So, if you, like me, are planning for a Diwali dress shopping, read on for fashion tips for Diwali in Part One of the series.

Quick Tips for your Diwali Dress Shopping

#1 Shop Smart

You might have fallen head over heels in love with that ethnic ensemble but before you put it in your cart…hold on a second! Think about the usability of the garment for the coming year. How often would you wear it? Does it serve a single purpose? Can it be worn for multiple occasions? Buying the latest fashion for Diwali is tempting indeed. Let’s be honest. Do you only shop for special occasions or all throughout the year? If you’ve found your answer, I think you’ll know what I am talking about! 🙂

#2 Invest in a Multi-purpose Garment

All right! I said invest for a purpose. Well, fashionistas have to get over that guilt hence invest! When you shop for a Diwali dress, make sure it’s a multi-purpose garment. I personally do not like my Indian wear sitting in the cupboard till another occasion comes up. So, I have worn this peach and pink dress with a contrasting jacket with work in gold that shimmers. This works for different occasions. Layer up or layer down as per the party you are attending.

You can also combine the look with different accessories. Make it a mix of modern and traditional as per the occasion. Change your footwear and makeup and hey, you are ready to rock! I’ll show the second look in the next blog.

#3 Keep it Elegant

I love flamboyant outfits as much as you do. Yet, I’d like to emphasize going easy on the choice of clothing. I’ve recently browsed through all the collections in the mall as well as online for Diwali Indian dresses. The common thread among all was loud colours and extra work in zari. Too much of heavy work makes the garment uncomfortable for me so I like to keep my ensembles neat with clean silhouettes. I’m not against zari work mind you! I only feel it should not overpower your personality. If you’re looking for more ideas to dress up for Diwali without the feel of wearing uncomfortable clothing, stay tuned for the next blog.

I’ve combined this outfit with earrings from Zaveri pearls and two light bangles. I always prefer to tone things down rather than over accessorize and look like a Diwali lantern myself 😛

Tip: If you are confused about the accessorizing, here’s one thing you need to remember. The moment you get ready, you must remove one accessory off you to keep a great balance! That’s easy! You’d now never be overtly accessorized for any occasion.

If you’ve already done your Indian Diwali outfit shopping, I’d like to see what’s in your wardrobe. Do share your comments below or write to I wish all my readers a very happy Green Diwali and a prosperous New Year!

Photographer: Shounak Kelkar

Dress and Jacket: Cotton Village, Pune

Clutch: Pune

Earrings: Zaveri Pearls

Footwear: DressBerry

Green Diwali Tips: Respect Nature!! 



If you’ve already been following my blog, you’d know I do have a couple of maxi tops that I’ve styled differently as per the occasion. While florals were for the summer, the lightweight blue maxi top was perfect for the monsoon weather. I’ve been browsing through some great online shopping sites and there’s a list I’d like to share to answer your queries. If you’d want your buys to be hassle-free, online shopping it is! With shopaholics being pampered and spoilt for choice, I’m sure you’d find it easy to buy the best maxi top that complements your personality.

5 Online Shopping Sites that have an Amazing Range of Maxi Tops with Slits


Myntra reviews may leave you somewhat confused. You might think twice before moving that item from the wishlist to the shopping cart. I’d say, Myntra customer service is quite good and you can definitely trust them and place the order. The quality will vary as per the vendor. Myntra partners with so many vendors that I am sure even they must be having a tough time keeping a check on the number of designs online every month. If you find a brand you are comfortable with, you’d definitely want to keep that name in mind for your next purchase. And hey, they have a 30-day return and exchange policy so go ahead and search for your maxi top with slits!

While Faballey is already available on Myntra, you can visit this site for more designs. I love the designs on this site. They are a good mixture of style, elegance, and comfort. I’d like to make a mention here. I have not tried their exchange or return policy. Please read the terms and conditions before you place your order online.



Amazon is definitely taking over with its customer service and quick deliveries. They do have a decent range of Maxi Tops on their site. You can browse through many local brands. I’d like to suggest to opt for reputed brands to ensure you get the best quality for your online purchase. You must also check each product listing to see if it has a Free Exchange and Free Return policy. The sizes mentioned may differ and you would need a free returns option to make your purchase a happy one!


Ajio includes different designs from what is available on other online shopping sites. You can get prints and patterns that are meant for the Indianized version. You will love Ajio if Indian prints interest you and you’d like to put together an ethnic look! Do browse their designs. And as far as their return policy is concerned, it seems good to me. COD is available though you’d need to keep the cash handy (unlike Myntra which includes a Card on Delivery facility).


Romwe has amazing designs in maxi tops. These are high slit ones and you can pair them with fitted pants or a high waist short if you are comfortable. Romwe has an interesting mix of maxi tops designs that are modern and sexy I must say! Their return service is a problem so you must be sure about the order you are placing. Please read their policy before you buy the maxi top.

I had a great time wearing this maxi top with a side slit. The side slit is high, so, I paired it with a high waist tregging in blue. I usually have low waist jeans in my collection. This I felt was unsuitable for a maxi-top that had a high slit on the side. Treggings with a high waist that includes stretch is great to be worn with long maxi tops. Treggings are not a clothing item you can wear with short tops unless you honestly want to! While I don’t follow fashion rules, I somehow do not wear tight treggings with short tops. The choice is yours though! This maxi top is also a cotton blend which means it is suitable for every weather. It is quite thick and is great for Bengaluru weather. The problem happens as it creases easily but that is fine I guess. I love the feel of this maxi top! 

Have you tried rocking the trend of maxi tops? I’d like to know in the comments below.

Maxi Top with Side Slit: Myntra

Tregging: Westside, Bangalore

Footwear: Mangalore

Accessories: M.G. Road, Bangalore

Bag: Goa

Photographer: Hana Jade Hudain 






Be it a skin care treatment for oily skin or skin care treatment for dark spots, I’m sure many of my readers have already tried home remedies, Internet tips and more! When it comes to skin care treatments in India, there is one name that is definitely at the top – Skin Lab by Dr. Jamuna Pai. She is known for her expertise and Skin Lab Bangalore leaves you feeling pampered in the warmth of their staff and the care of their Doctors.

 Dr. Jamuna Pai is India’s leading cosmetic physician and she has a team of experts and Doctors who get to the root of the problem. This is not about your facials only, this is about a complete treatment that addresses the problem and suggests a solution that is based on sound medical knowledge. So, if you are looking for Dr. Jamuna Pai’s Skin Lab, do hop on to their website to find a lab nearest in your city. 

Watch my video above, do write back if you have any queries at: And, yes, grab this issue of What’s Brand New to read the entire post.


This is a tricky season. And, no matter what fashion trends for 2018 dictate, I’d still prefer versatile garments in my wardrobe. After all, although we wouldn’t like to be caught in the same outfit multiple times, that is not something we all should aspire for!    Any outfit of yours can be given a new twist with some clever ideas. After my floral maxi top blog, I’d mentioned I’d continue with this uber-cool affordable maxi top with front slit trend and here is why I love them, and you should too!

5 Reasons You Need to Include the Maxi Top in your Wardrobe


  1. They’re versatile!
    Yeah, that pretty much makes this a favourite outfit I’d go for. Maxi top with front slit can be paired with long denim jeans, short pants, a mini skirt, or treggings. Each time, it’s easy to accessorise and style it differently. You don’t really need to keep shopping for new clothes when you can modify your looks each time.

2. This is suitable for every body type

Don’t get me wrong! I am not going on about what you must wear or not wear. A versatile maxi top like this one is great to add more length to your torso. If you are comfortable showing some skin, team it with shorts. If not, team it with fitted pants and heels and there! You automatically create the illusion of length, just in case you want to look taller. Although, I’d rather say, wear it if you like it. Don’t do it to follow fashion rules.

3. Extremely comfortable, for every season
It’s long easy breezy style makes it comfortable for every weather. Though I know it’s a tad tricky for the monsoons, this one is lightweight and dries easily. I love wearing it to the beach as a layer over my shorts or just for a special occasion. You can be creative to make it look different and work on the comfort factor to suit your needs. A maxi top with front slit complements every season, occasion and mood.

4. It’s uncommon

At least, till not everyone is wearing it! Have a party to attend? Or a formal occasion? It’s easy to wear these maxi tops for any occasion and still stand out from the crowd. Psst: it’s perfect if you haven’t waxed so brownie points for that.

5. They’re quite affordable

Considering the versatility of the maxi top, these are quite affordable. A quick search online will give you many results. Here are some of my picks below. Do let me know which one is your favourite.











Blue Maxi Top: Fergusson College Road, Pune
Racer Back: Jockey
Occasion: Lazying by the pool 
Photographer: Hana Jade Hudain


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As the month of May is almost ending, I thought I’d blog about the one thing I enjoy most in India – street style shopping for beautiful summer dresses! The summer month has been intense, high and if you are a Banglorean, I’m sure you must have been confused with the stormy skies, the hail, and the torrential rains to decide the best summer outfit. I find the season beautiful, really! If you want to check out what I’ve doing for the summer, don’t forget to view the crushing on florals and the nautical stripes fashion. This time, I’d like to blog about my Goan dress pics.

After florals and stripes, I decided to shop at the one place I find best almost all throughout the year. Goa! Well, I had taken a short trip back to my hometown some time ago, and I can’t help but browse through all the street shopping. I was with a great bunch of people and our eyes fell on this colourful number. This fits like a glove, is airy, breezy and I so love to just pair it with anything and hop out. I don’t feel the need to accessorise it much. I believe in one thing – KISS (Keep it simple, stupid!) Despite all the swanky malls and boutiques, I love to browse around to pick up great deals that add to my wardrobe collection. And, I don’t think you always need to restrict yourself while shopping. Being, the shopaholic that I am, I’m sure fellow bloggers will understand. And of course, a pair of simple flats as I like to be comfortable when I browse. Accessories must be minimal for the summer weather unless you are always in an air-conditioned room! 

The summer in Bangalore has been one mystifying season. It lends its heat and can get so crazily aggressive in an instant. As the wind howls towards the afternoon, you know you’d experience two seasons in just a single day. The large drops of rain crashing of the glass panes bring relief to the earth that is already scorched in the daylight. How I love the summer and it’s ironical I write about the monsoons for a summer fashion post. But then, fellow Bangaloreans will know what exactly I mean. The various moods of the city add a certain kind of romance in the air. I think I identify with this weather. Calm and serene yet aggressive and so full of passion 🙂 This is quite contrary to the beautiful land of Goa.

I’ve stayed in Goa since I was a child and believe me, the rains were a time for endless paper boats sent floating on the roads already filled with water, watching the coconut trees sway dangerously, and looking out for the next lightening in the dark sky followed by a loud clap of thunder. When monsoons begin in Goa, there’s no saying when you’d see the Sun God all shining brightly! But then, monsoons are monsoons! And, Goan monsoons are beautiful, enigmatic and the sea roars in all her fury.

I catch myself in a contemplative mood courtesy the weather

I chose this bright red dress for the summer as it can get gloomy in Bangalore. I’d like a pop of colour always! Be it the dress or my nails!

Do you have favourite place to street stop?

Do let me know as I’d love to visit those as well!

Dress: Colva, Goa

Bag: Calangute, Goa

Footwear: Reliance Trends, Bangalore

Summer Sizzle and Drizzle: Always available

Photographer: Shounak Kelkar (Instagram: x.focus)

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