6 Soothing Colours & Styles to Redefine your Look

Hello! I am happy to share a guest post by another Style blogger. Check out Aditi Roy’s take on colours and style. This is her blog, in her own words!

Women generally prefer looking fresh, bright and beautiful, no matter what season, reason or occasion it is. Particularly before attending any function, a woman ensures that she wears a beautiful dress that makes her look absolutely stunning for the function. The colour and type of the attire completely depends upon the kind of occasion that she may attend. If the occasion is grand, wearing colourful and gorgeous ethnic attire is a must!

For the modern women, however, it becomes very difficult to keep commitments of attending any occasion, following a very tight schedule. So if she gets an invitation, she is always confused about the choice of her attire.  She rummages through her clothes probably for the umpteenth time to find something suitable to wear. She ends up finding nothing good to wear for the occasion. Or sometimes nothing to wear at all!

This can mean two things:

  • Either you need to clean up your wardrobe and revamp it.
  • Or, you may be a shopaholic, but you don’t shop carefully. Rather you simply collect whatever you like.

Unless you are aware of your style or choice, it will be difficult for you to choose the right colour and designs for yourself, because choosing the right colour and style for any outfit is the essential step. Black, brown, beige and blue are universal colours. They also have a classic touch in them. And they can easily be teamed up with any other colour or any other style of dressing, whether traditional or modern, whether it is a saree or salwar kameez. In fact, it is advisable to keep these colours in your colour palette to style yourself differently for those romantic dates or rare parties or any other traditional occasion. These are important colours for your wardrobe, even if you’re partially cleaning it up.

1.Gold, glitz & glamour!

You always thought that gold was tacky, isn’t it? But you definitely have to think again! Shades of pink and purple on gold base, intricate with brocade pallu brings out the glam factor in the designer sarees online. Even jamwar thread work on the sarees are something that you just afford to miss!

2.Unusual Greys

The greys recently have taken place of the blacks and whites! This is an unusual colour. The grey printed crepe designer saree online with a subtle shimmer, is perfectly suitable for the parties.  Pair it up with these stunning Indian pieces of jewelry online shopping to make your own style statement for the next party.

3.Classic Mint


Feel blue in this classic mint! This mint colour cotton semi-stitched salwar- kameez is gorgeous in itself! The yellow and red thread work near the neck is a great option to make your look comfortable and elegant throughout the day or any other traditional occasional. Indian jewelry online shopping, like  traditional earrings will look appropriate with this salwar-kameez.

4.Pretty Pink

This beautiful, lacy and bright pink salwar kameez will make you stand out amongst the crowd when worn during traditional occasions. Gorgeous zari work on the upper part of the churidar gives it a unique definition. Pair it up with light pink make up and accessorize yourself with light Indian jewelry online shopping.

5.Go Floral!

Are you planning to go out on a casual date with your friends, this weekend?  Try the floral printed silk saree online shopping or floral printed anarkalis. Florals will always suit your personality and they will never go out of fashion.  Halter neck designer blouse patterns paired with this saree will automatically create a smouldering-hot look.

Team up your anarkali slawar kameez up with the Beautiful Chandbali Earrings with Green Meena  work to give an edge to your ethnic style.

Still confused about selecting the right designs and shades? You can never go wrong with the blacks. If you do not want to go for block solid colours, mix and match your fabrics, as modern or traditional colours and styles if and when worn with grace will only enhance your beauty in many ways. So wait no longer and get yourself some beautiful shades in Silk Saree online shopping, designer blouse patterns, indian jewelry online shopping only Indian silk house agencies to grab attention…

About Aditi Roy:  I am an experienced blogger and article writer and have a knack for writing modern as well as traditional fashion, catering to the needs of the readers who enjoy reading about the recent style and fashion trends.  Come and explore the world of fashion with me!


Why you need to put Yourself first this International Yoga Day

So, it’s common to celebrate days in today’s time. “Marketing gimmicks,” labels a friend. Another mutters, “All nonsense, we don’t need such day” To most I would say, yes, a lot of things are quite gimmicky and a turn-off. But, that shouldn’t deter us from understanding the main message.

International Yoga Day or World Yoga Day is celebrated with great excitement by Yoga enthusiasts the world over. Yoga is not just a form of exercise, it is a practice of the way you lead your life, how you form your thoughts, and of course, test your physical strength with all the various asanas.

So often, we find ourselves trapped in the race to rush to work, leaving no time for Yoga, or any other form of exercise for that matter. It’s always, “I’ll surely do this tomorrow,” or “I’ll meditate in the evening,” and “I think I need to speed up my Yoga routine because I gotta reach office on time.” Sounds familiar? Yeah, it sounds so like me. But, Yoga is not about speeding up, it’s about slowing down to watch your breath.

Well, I’ve worked on a full-time job for a good number of years. While some companies insisted on a 9-hour routine, others had a 7-hour policy. Doesn’t matter what you do in those 9-hours, as long as you look busy. Well, for workaholics like me, I would end up being seated with rare breaks only for lunch or the usual loo breaks. Great! But, workaholics like me need to understand the importance of putting yourself first.

Which is why, this International Yoga Day, I want you to take a break, stop what you are doing, and focus on this practice. Don’t get carried away with your work load. Take time out to stretch, meditate, challenge yourself, and enjoy the asanas. After all, you surely don’t want to end up with a nagging pain in your back, right? Take those short breaks, work with complete focus, and you won’t feel tired ever.

This International Yoga Day, let’s work on our goals, by bringing the focus on You. So, are you ready?

I ensure I have the right clothing gear for my routine. Here’s a basic list of things you’ll need to begin a Yoga Routine.

  1. I always need my Yoga mat. You can purchase one online for a reasonable rate. Check this pretty Strauss Yoga Mat design here. It comes with a floral pattern.
  2. I have to have comfortable Tees in my wardrobe. Check this Dryfit Tshirt with Mesh Insert. You’ll find this one quite neat for your Yoga sessions.
  3. A perfect pair of Yoga pants is essential. It can’t be too loose as you certainly don’t want them falling and rolling back when you lift your legs up high! Go for a snug fit. Check this slim elastic pants. I found these good for my routine. The small elastic is comfortable for me.
  4. I also recommend keeping your hair in place with a sturdy band. Also, drop those jewelry items before you practice.Lastly, all you need is to make up your mind to begin Yoga or any other fitness routine of your choice.

Begin with a small step today. Do let me know your routine in the comments section below.

*Some of the products mentioned on my website are affiliate links. If you do plan a purchase, please use the links mentioned on my site. This blog is based on personal experience of the products and is not sponsored by any brand. All reviews are 100% genuine and personal.

Kashmira Lad Blogs

From Grocery Shopping to Party Hopping

Waking up to the shrill sound of the alarm clock…. Now, that seems to be a routine for a majority….even for me. The rush to get to work…it’s maddening especially when you stay in a crowded city. Yet, the awesome Bengaluru weather makes up for it and allows me to seamlessly transfer my daytime office look to a nighttime party ensemble within no time. Pssst. A majority of my friends think I take ages to doll up. That is not the truth! If you have your basics in place, you can change the formal office look into a hip party look in no time. Oh, and one of my must-have accessories are from AUrate New York. I just can’t get over their pretty chokers! Sigh!


Since I work independently, I can take a few liberties with my workwear. So, I chose a white shirt with a light design and comfortable trousers. Then, I suddenly got a call to attend a girl’s meet at the local cafe. Luckily, I had this floral blouse tucked away in my bag. All it took was a slight change and the addition of AUrate necklace added to the charm. The open blouse suits the ever changing weather and the delicate accessories caught the attention of my friends. Accessories and makeup are the key here.

(Shirt from Maycool.com, Trousers: peacock.co.uk, Footwear: H&M. )


This Saturday, I was out shopping for groceries late evening when I got a call for a party. Now, I was not in the mood to dress up in detail nor did I want to look drab. So, from the blue jeans and Tshirt, I just changed my top to that sparkly one. Dabbed on a bright shade of lipstick and finished the look with the detailed necklace from AUrate. Black heels are always tucked away in my wardrobe so I got ready in a jiffy. From grocery shopping to party hopping – all in a matter of minutes!

(Lipstick: Myntra.com, Top: AlieExpress.com)

“Did I mention that AUrate has a beautiful collection of rings, bracelets, earrings apart from necklaces as well?? Do take a look at their astounding collection!

In the meantime, do check out things you must avoid while on a shopping spree.



Avoid these Mistakes on a Shopping Spree

While I’ve been on a no-shopping diet for a couple of months….I guess I managed to pull through. Recently, I’ve visited the malls located quite a distance away from my home. The reason…well, I won a contest with Max Fashion. I had to check out the latest attire before splurging on the summer collection. More on this later….

You step into any Bangalore mall and it’s easy to feel a little confused with the varieties on display. Smooth talking well-dressed sales staff, the powerful window displays, the sweet fragrance of various perfumes in the air, the latest outfits on display…. It is so easy to feel like a kid in a candy shop.

That’s when I realized that I’d better watch what I buy to avoid making mistakes on a shopping spree. Here are some tips –

Prints, prints and more prints!

Some brands stock similar prints in different colors. So, you’ll find a range of kurtis, western tops and more in a burst of florals for example. The displays are so good, you’ll pick a whole lot and add it to your shopping cart. The rush in the trial room adds to the stress and you’ll probably try on clothes quickly, make the payment and go home with glee. 

Wait a moment. Breathe deeply. Stand in a quiet corner. Think how many items do you really need? You might have a similar print in your wardrobe anyway! Do you wish to splurge on one brand? It would be better if you opt for different items of other brands to have some flexibility and versatility in your wardrobe. Trust me, I have gone this path and I believe, you should be aware too!

Have a lot of items but nothing to match it?

Perfect scenario. I once fell in love with many funky pants. I ended up buying different prints. Only to realize there was nothing to match them with. Some fits need tops of the right length, color, fabric, and fit. When on a shopping spree, you need to consider what you want rather than accumulate trends that are never to be seen again. At least till you find the match. Or, so you think!


Madam, shop for an additional 1000 rs. and get 20% off

Don’t always fall for these schemes. It’s a trick to ensure you buy a little more. Question is, do you need it? Are they offering a gift that you honestly need? When such offers are made over the counter, you tend to spend a little bit more. You go home and realize you probably did not need the tops or Tshirts that you bought in order to save more.

Gosh! All those lipsticks….

Yeah, cosmetic shopping is exciting in the malls with the free trials and the makeover they offer. Loved the makeover? Wish to buy the products? Wait! It’s easy to get tempted with the product packaging and the offers available. Understand your requirements, whether you have time to use the products, and most importantly – whether you can use the products with the same skills as the makeover lady. Always check the date of manufacture. I was recently slipped a two-year-old Loreal lipstick at Shoppers’ Stop, Bangalore. I am certainly annoyed with myself for buying it in a hurry. I got to finish it up soon or exchange it. Let’s hope I get the same customer service I received at the time of the purchase. :-/

Have you made any shopping errors? Waiting to hear from you!

5 pieces to Invest in this Summer Season

Every time the summer season brings on its heat with full vengeance…I prefer to celebrate it with flirty summer wear rather than cringe about the heat. After all, this is the perfect season to flaunt those florals, dresses, funky outfits, and add a splash of color without worrying about the weather. You can get comfortable and fashionable with utmost ease. And, the shopping stores are ensuring we are pampered enough! 

Here’s my pick of 5 pieces you need to invest in this summer. I’m assuming a majority of us already store jeggings, jeans, and palazzos so here’s a fun way to add a touch of difference to your wardrobe. 


Dress by Sassafras. I kinda liked this airy dress. Perfect when we have no time to wax. Long sleeves to keep you covered. Suitable for an evening out with friends.


StalkBuyLove is another website that has caught my fancy. Dresses are a must in my summer wardrobe and this off-shoulder skater dress with frills is perfect to get a cool look for the hot summer. While my previous pick was toned down, this dress is perfect for a hot date! 🙂


A flirty crop top that goes with skirts, pants, trousers, and the lot! This top breaks free from the dainty summer prints. A bold rose design with a nice breezy look complements every item in your wardrobe. A versatile design that is perfect for the summer. Get it here.


This light cotton voile blouse caught my eye for its ruffles and overall simplicity. Perfect when I just want to feel comfortable without being too fussy over the details. Team it up with white pants for a summery look. Best thing, you can customize this top as per your requirements online. Check this design from eshakti here.


This woven rayon twill dungaree is one of my choices for the summer.  I personally have a soft spot for dungarees having sported different versions of them during college days. I chose this peach color as it lends a fresh look for this hot season. And, team them with sneakers for a casual day out at the beach or the mall. Check it out here.

While I have made quite a mix bag of outfits for this summer season, I would love to know your favorites too. Drop me a message below!