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On the eve of the Indian Independence Day 2018, there are many thoughts that crop up in my mind. I have immense love and respect for our country and to those who protect the borders every night and day. So, we can take a deep breath of peace and chase our dreams, our aspirations and all that we desire.

As much as I love my country, I dream of an India where women and men learn to treat each other as equals. How often I have heard –

  • You are a woman, you should cook
  • You shouldn’t be roaming late at night
  • We belong to XX caste. Hence, we are superior.
  • Omg, you are a married woman, you shouldn’t be roaming without your mangalsutra
  • Oops! You are divorced. How can you even be happy?
  • Why are you wearing such a short dress?
  • Why are you dressed like a behenji?

All this makes me wonder. We have enjoyed our independence for all these years and may have taken many things for granted.

We think independence and democracy means –

  • We can say anything we want to anyone
  • We can easily judge people
  • We have the right to be interfering
  • We can dictate and define which tasks belong to a woman (and man)
  • We can tell women (and men) what they should do or shouldn’t be doing in their personal and professional lives

How liberated are we? Are we still in our comfort zones where we see everything through our rosy tinted glasses? Do we honestly think our independence has given us the right to behave the way we want and do anything to anyone, destroy public property, and force our opinions upon others?

As we celebrate India’s Independence Day, can you truly say we have respected this independence and are mature enough to behave with integrity? 

I know many friends who are still struggling to find a life of their own. Afraid of what people will say, they continue to live a life that is diametrically opposite to what they want. They are stuck in meaningless relationships. Doing work they hate. As a society, we have defined so many unwritten rules that people often wear a mask to cover their hurt, pain, despair.

Are we liberated or are we still controlled by the shackles of the mind? 

This Independence Day, I’d like to hope that our minds are open to being more accepting towards others. We liberate our thinking and be more compassionate. This Independence Day, I hope we take a step to be the proud Indian we should be – one who knows the value of this democracy and treats everyone with respect.

It’s not impossible. But, I believe the change begins with one person. That person is you.

What have you done differently this Independence Day? I’d like to know!


If you’ve already been following my blog, you’d know I do have a couple of maxi tops that I’ve styled differently as per the occasion. While florals were for the summer, the lightweight blue maxi top was perfect for the monsoon weather. I’ve been browsing through some great online shopping sites and there’s a list I’d like to share to answer your queries. If you’d want your buys to be hassle-free, online shopping it is! With shopaholics being pampered and spoilt for choice, I’m sure you’d find it easy to buy the best maxi top that complements your personality.

5 Online Shopping Sites that have an Amazing Range of Maxi Tops with Slits


Myntra reviews may leave you somewhat confused. You might think twice before moving that item from the wishlist to the shopping cart. I’d say, Myntra customer service is quite good and you can definitely trust them and place the order. The quality will vary as per the vendor. Myntra partners with so many vendors that I am sure even they must be having a tough time keeping a check on the number of designs online every month. If you find a brand you are comfortable with, you’d definitely want to keep that name in mind for your next purchase. And hey, they have a 30-day return and exchange policy so go ahead and search for your maxi top with slits!

While Faballey is already available on Myntra, you can visit this site for more designs. I love the designs on this site. They are a good mixture of style, elegance, and comfort. I’d like to make a mention here. I have not tried their exchange or return policy. Please read the terms and conditions before you place your order online.



Amazon is definitely taking over with its customer service and quick deliveries. They do have a decent range of Maxi Tops on their site. You can browse through many local brands. I’d like to suggest to opt for reputed brands to ensure you get the best quality for your online purchase. You must also check each product listing to see if it has a Free Exchange and Free Return policy. The sizes mentioned may differ and you would need a free returns option to make your purchase a happy one!


Ajio includes different designs from what is available on other online shopping sites. You can get prints and patterns that are meant for the Indianized version. You will love Ajio if Indian prints interest you and you’d like to put together an ethnic look! Do browse their designs. And as far as their return policy is concerned, it seems good to me. COD is available though you’d need to keep the cash handy (unlike Myntra which includes a Card on Delivery facility).


Romwe has amazing designs in maxi tops. These are high slit ones and you can pair them with fitted pants or a high waist short if you are comfortable. Romwe has an interesting mix of maxi tops designs that are modern and sexy I must say! Their return service is a problem so you must be sure about the order you are placing. Please read their policy before you buy the maxi top.

I had a great time wearing this maxi top with a side slit. The side slit is high, so, I paired it with a high waist tregging in blue. I usually have low waist jeans in my collection. This I felt was unsuitable for a maxi-top that had a high slit on the side. Treggings with a high waist that includes stretch is great to be worn with long maxi tops. Treggings are not a clothing item you can wear with short tops unless you honestly want to! While I don’t follow fashion rules, I somehow do not wear tight treggings with short tops. The choice is yours though! This maxi top is also a cotton blend which means it is suitable for every weather. It is quite thick and is great for Bengaluru weather. The problem happens as it creases easily but that is fine I guess. I love the feel of this maxi top! 

Have you tried rocking the trend of maxi tops? I’d like to know in the comments below.

Maxi Top with Side Slit: Myntra

Tregging: Westside, Bangalore

Footwear: Mangalore

Accessories: M.G. Road, Bangalore

Bag: Goa

Photographer: Hana Jade Hudain 






Be it a skin care treatment for oily skin or skin care treatment for dark spots, I’m sure many of my readers have already tried home remedies, Internet tips and more! When it comes to skin care treatments in India, there is one name that is definitely at the top – Skin Lab by Dr. Jamuna Pai. She is known for her expertise and Skin Lab Bangalore leaves you feeling pampered in the warmth of their staff and the care of their Doctors.

 Dr. Jamuna Pai is India’s leading cosmetic physician and she has a team of experts and Doctors who get to the root of the problem. This is not about your facials only, this is about a complete treatment that addresses the problem and suggests a solution that is based on sound medical knowledge. So, if you are looking for Dr. Jamuna Pai’s Skin Lab, do hop on to their website to find a lab nearest in your city. 

Watch my video above, do write back if you have any queries at: And, yes, grab this issue of What’s Brand New to read the entire post.


Ruffles, frills – this clothing trend has many names and still makes an appearance even now on the fashion runway. I’ve somehow always been mesmerised with little frills when I was tinier though. So, the local tailor armed with my mother’s fashion designs would always be facing new challenges to tailor frilly dresses for the little me. Why! Even my dolls had outfits with frills. A frilly skirt or a dress adds a touch of femininity to the entire look. Ruffles in fashion history have been dainty, loud, attention-seeking, or playful. Besides, you can plan how to wear them. It could be worn as tight frills or those with wider ruffles. These are known to add that zestful appeal to any outfit! 

Ruffles have always dominated the history of fashion as well. Think the Elizbethan age. Here, ruffles were meant to enhance femininity as well as define your status. If you’d notice, the trend was bulkier earlier. Over time, the style had more flounce to make it appear lightweight as well as a style that should be easier to sport by women. Earlier, a strip of fabric was sewed tightly together to create frills or pleats. This was sewed on to another garment. Layers and layers of heavy ruffles were sewn together to create more drama though the comfort factor would always be a debatable issue!

Fancy frills and layers and layers of it are flirtatious, edgy and so very attention-grabbing. From the tier of ruffles that adorned one’s necklines to the rather flouncy versions of today – ruffles have indeed come a long way. Wedding gowns with tight frills that are bound to make jaws drop to salsa skirts that have delicate wider ruffles, this trend is just so versatile that it keeps getting better over the years. I’ve loved portrait shots on magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan where ruffles made for a dramatic cover. After all, fashion is art and what is art without a little drama? A photograph with a ruffle just adds that element of drama to a cover photo. Large and loose dramatic ruffles are so gorgeous even on the red carpet moments. Which is why, most Hollywood as well as Bollywood stars can’t seem to get enough of it!

Here’s one interesting thing about ruffles. Did you know even men’s fashion had designs with frills? In fact, if you love fashion, you’d definitely note the beautiful influence of fashion in Spain for the modest ruffles. Be it ruffles, frills, flounces, lace – the world looks up to Spain to get that bit of fashion inspiration to make a strong statement on the runways. Men with their large ruffled shirts with details either at their neckline or sleeves paved the way to show this style is unisex and there’s a lot that can be done with it! The Indian ramp has boasted of sarees with ruffles with Bollywood’s leading ladies already sporting this trend.


That’s when I got my hands on this soft and flowing frill hemmed skirt to gently flaunt my love for these slight waves in my
wardrobe. Adorned with tiny beads, this knee-length skirt is what I was looking for – a hint of frill with an asymmetrical edge. The skirt being a little elaborate on its own, I decided to opt for a sheer crop top that does not overpower the look. I was out hunting for a lovely spot to have some coffee, great food and of course, spend time with myself thinking about my next idea. This skirt has a fresh appeal and is perfect for a dressy evening or a date night. As for me, I just wanted to pamper myself at this cafe that is gaining so much popularity in North Bangalore.

A little more on what I was upto while flaunting all the frills 🙂

Cafe 60 Four, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore

If you are a pukka Bengalurean, you must have already explored the areas of Indiranagar, Whitefield, M.G. road, UB City and the like for good cafes and restaurants. Tucked away towards the outskirts of Bangalore lies a cute little cafe named Cafe 60 Four. Just like their uniquely written name, the cafe boasts of a neat menu with smart and clean interiors – a boon for those residing in Yehahanka, Sahakarnagar, Vidyaranyapura, and other areas of Bangalore. The menu includes a mouth-watering range of pastas – the white sauce pasta being my personal favourite. I also loved their Cheese Chili toast served with hot cappuccino. I have even tried their range of veg wraps and burgers. These always tempt me to return for more!

Warm interiors at Cafe 60 Four, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore

They also serve pizzas in two styles – Indian as well as Italian. This is best when paired with their thick shakes or mocktails. The bright red interiors, the quirky messages on the walls and the different seating arrangements that range from low to high ensures there is something in it for everyone. You can flip through books and play card games. As I munched on to my toast, the music played softly behind so that I could savour my food, enjoy the view from their large windows and watch the world go by at a crazy pace.

Bangalore’s Cafe 60 Four is a delightful place to catch up with friends. The cheese chilli toast (seen in pic) is great for a quick bite downed with hot coffee

As for me, I’m happy with my piping hot coffee and cozy interiors of Cafe 60 Four. Don’t forget to hop by to the Cafe 60 Four Facebook page and if you are in Bangalore, do check this out once! I’ve also tried their service on Swiggy and it was honestly as good as the food that is served in person. 

Cafe 60 Four is located at: First Floor, Site 904/1, 1st Main Road, Beside IDBI Bank, Yelahanka, Bangalore.

Crop Top:


Accessories: Westside, Bangalore

Footwear: Westside, Bangalore

Bag: Orion Mall, Bangalore

Photographer: Shounak Kelkar (Instagram: x.focus)

Coffee: Delightful!

Location Courtesy: Cafe 60 Four, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore

A big thank you to Mr. Pratik of Cafe 60 Four!