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I’m already creating more summer looks in my mind

When we think of summer dresses, it’s always about light, airy, breezy styles. Peasant tops, flowing dresses, some ruffles, some floral. I was already crushing on floral trends for the last summer season, and this year, I’ve opted for light patterns on a mustard dress. I feel summer dresses are not complete without florals and soon, I’ll be sharing more options you can use for the summer fashion wardrobe.

Summer dress designs also include the use of nautical stripes, bold colours, maxi tops, the flirty slinky dress, animal prints, polka dots, and gingham. These are easy to pair with flats that are strappy, tie-ups, gladiator style, or you can easily slip on your summer sneakers. I personally love long and flowing styles but sometimes, it can get difficult to move around quickly particularly if you are working and putting your stylish foot forward!

Enjoying the light cool breeze

What is Casual Chic? You can mix a dressy element with a touch of casual. (For e.g.: A pretty blouse with casual pants.)

I love the spring blooms

Indian wear for the summer has a large emphasis on the print-on-print fashion. I’ve noticed long flowing styles and short kurti in various shapes and cuts to flatter the Indian body type. But, I personally prefer plain colours for the Indian summer wardrobe.

I’m sharing a collection of my favourite summer dresses you can order online. I hope you get some good summer dresses ideas. Do write your ideas below.

Photographs: Hana Jade Hudain

Summer Dress:

Accessories: Tassel Earrings – Lifestyle Mall

Bag: Pune

Footwear: Soles

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The past cannot be changed. What matters is our present that we hold in our hands. International Women’s Day does bring attention to women’s issues and is needed to bring forth Women’s empowerment. What we must not forget is the need to feel empowered all through the year.

I come from a background where I have seen women being told what to do and what not to do – either at work, how they behave, their aspirations, and even when they should have a child. When we speak about #BalanceforBetter, our aim is to create a gender-balanced approach in the boardroom and homes. What lies ahead is a tremendous task for women as well as men, who favour a gender-balanced approach. We are entering an exciting world of opportunities wherein so many avenues are opening up to women. Then, what is holding us back?

International Women’s Day 2019: Looking Ahead but being Pulled Behind?

In our society, women already have their plates full. They are expected to be the nurturer, giver, homemaker, mother, and in some cases, the breadwinner and all roles bundled into one. The thinking is ingrained in our minds about doing certain things and not having the capability of doing other things.

Where does the imbalance arise?

  • When your family says you cannot do this.
  • When your friends say you must not do this.
  • When your partner says you must not do this.
  • When you whisper to yourself that you cannot do this.

What can a Woman do to #BalanceforBetter?

  • Understand your areas of expertise
  • Know if you honestly want to do something, or is it the pressure that is mounting on you? (You may not want to work, and that is ok)
  • Always stand by your core values – your values are what will remain with you and demand that respect you deserve
  • Grab every opportunity that comes your way, stop telling yourself that you are not good enough
  • Be fearless with your choices to break the stereotypes
  • If things are difficult to manage, learn to outsource tasks. You need to stop micromanaging everything.
  • Always put yourself first, because if you are unhappy, people around you will also be unhappy.

While I am yet to see many companies stepping up to create a gender-balanced approach, a couple of firms have already declared their support. We cannot expect the world to change for us. We can trigger a change within us and empower one another. We need to stop the imbalance that is stored in our thinking patterns and work to alter our behaviour towards self.

We ourselves can play a better role in bringing a balance in our homes, work, and personal life. Women must no longer wait for something to change. You all know we hold the power we seek within us, then what’s stopping you?

We are all perfect with our imperfections, and it’s ok to make mistakes. Remember, some of us are flawed to perfection and that is acceptable! 🙂

Have a story to tell? Do share your #BalanceforBetter moment in the comments below.


Valentine’s Day brings with it much hype, expectations, happiness to some and disappointment for others. A single woman often faces so many remarks for choosing to be single, that it is honestly sad and hilarious at the same time. While I have nothing against Valentine’s Day, it’s normal for singles to feel a little left out. This should not, however, form the core of your existence.

Valentine’s Day and the Single Status

  1. Love yourself, no one else can do it better than you.
  2. Explore what you want to do with your life – there’s a whole lot of things apart from Valentine’s Day

3. Love your work, the rest will follow

4. Be the person who always exudes natural charm and good energy.

5. Focus on your strengths, work on improving other areas

6. Do not wait for a validation from others, seek feedback but do not get weighed down.

Are you single this Valentine’s Day? How did you celebrate it? Do share in the comments below.

Don’t forget to watch my video on what Single Women Hear.

Here’s my wardrobe choice in western wear.

Photographer: Hana Jade Hudain

Dress: Cotton Village, Pune

Accessories: Lifestyle, Bangalore

Weather: Love is in the Air


This Valentine’s Day, we made a list of things women hear when single. I’ve been there and heard it all. When you are stuck without a lover or a husband, a woman is often labeled as incomplete in our society. The things women over 30, in particular, have to listen to, is downright demeaning and hurtful. We hope you enjoy this particular video featured by Women’s Web, India where we share a laugh over what people say to single women.

This Valentine’s Day, I hope every person has the right to fall in love or marry when they meet their equal. Please click on the video below.


The Lifestyle End of Season Sale (EOSS) is on and shopaholics are happier than ever before. There are discounts being offered on women’s wear, makeup, footwear, men’s wear, kid’s section, and almost everything out here. The Flat 50% is a treat for shopaholics who love to shop till they drop. I browsed almost everything in the women’s section and picked up so many things for a great discount. Fashionistas – this is the right time to revamp your wardrobe with the Lifestyle Flat 50% off for the EOSS going on at RMZ Galleria, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore. Do view my video below.

Browsing through the collections at Ginger by Lifestyle
Amazing collection at Lifestyle!
Have you checked out the Lifestyle EOSS?
Melange by Lifestyle
I love the jewellery collection at Lifestyle!
Dress: Ginger by Lifestyle
Outfit: Ginger by Lifestyle
That’s the way, I like it
Great service and trials at Lifestyle
I want the makeup!
I’ve sealed it with a kiss!

Thank you, Lifestyle, RMZ Galleria, Bangalore. I’ve had a fun day here and loved your collection and service!


If you have been looking for a red dress online or in stores, well, trust me the hunt for the perfect one can lead to excitement and disappointment. The moment I’ve tried to buy a red dress online, it’s been an explosion of designs, right from the colours to the shape, length and so much more. Ladies! I know you are on the hunt for the red dress with Valentine’s Day fast approaching and personally speaking, I wouldn’t wait for this day to flaunt one. But, I’d definitely leave you with some quick tips to dress up this Valentine’s day without spending too much!

Red is a powerful colour. Did you know a woman wearing red is considered to be more sexually attractive?

Well, that’s what the fashion pundits say! Personally speaking, it’s all in your mind.

Red exudes that kind of confidence which can definitely cause heads to turn. A red dress should be on your list if you haven’t added one to your wardrobe, yet!

Looking to Buy a Red Dress? Find the Perfect One with these Tips

1. Pick the Right Shade of Red

I know my male friends often get annoyed when I mention the various shades of a colour. A red dress is flaming red, it can be a vermillion red, a crimson red, a deeper shade of maroon, and more. Find a shade that best suits your complexion. The shade should reflect your individual style.

2. Select the Most Suitable Style

The occasion plays an important role while buying a red dress. If it’s a date, you might want to pick something dressy and flirty. If you are planning this for an event, you can opt for a figure hugging dress with a modest neckline. There are also gowns that flow to your ankles or you can opt for a bodycon dress. You also need to ensure the colour you have selected goes with the style. A flaming red dress will look better as a short red dress if you don’t want the red to overpower your look.

3. Know the Purpose of Purchase

You might have purchased a red dress for this Valentine’s Day, but what is most important here is how ‘wearable’ is your red dress? Always select a smart design you can wear for multiple occasions and combine with accessories to tone it down. Smart shopping adds the flexible factor to your wardrobe giving you more options to make the most of your red dress!

Tips to Flaunt the Red Dress

  1. Makeup plays an important role. Always select a nude lipstick and play around with your eye makeup if you wish to tone it down. In this blog, I’ve preferred to go for bold lips while toning the rest of the elements down. You can view my other red gown which is styled in a simplistic manner or the cold shoulder red dress. The choice is entirely with you!

2. Combine with nude heels to play it safe. Else, you can opt for floral prints if your dress does not have any print or embellishments.

3. Wear your attitude with confidence. The red dress will look great if you can flaunt it with the right attitude and the perfect walk to match!

If you have already shopped this Valentine’s Day, I’d like to see what’s your favourite pick. Do add your comments below.

Photographer: Hana Jade Hudain

Dress: Code by Lifestyle

Heels: Payless, Mangalore

Jacket: Myntra

Earrings: Lifestyle, Bangalore

Woolen Cap: Street Shopping, Bangalore

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I’ve often been asked how do you dress warm and stylish for the winter? Winter clothing ideas always bring to the mind either lots of layering and warm winter jackets. As I am based in Bengaluru, the winters here are deliciously cold but not so cold that you need extremely thick jackets. I always love layering but on light winter days, I’d love to put my stylish foot forward without having too many layers that add more bulk to the look.

Bangalore Fashion Blogger: It’s cold in Bangalore but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be stylish and warm 🙂

My favorite winter outfit ideas always include denim jeans. However, in recent times, I’ve wanted to go beyond the denim jeans and jacket look. This time, the weather in Bengaluru has been quite cold and I decided to combine some comfortable elements to get that chic look and stay warm in the lovely winters!

If you are wondering how this winter clothing idea can actually keep me warm, let me spill some secrets.

  1. I always believe in comfortable and closed footwear. In this case, I’ve deliberately worn ankle-high boots. These have a comfortable inner lining that keeps my feet warm. To me, keeping my feet warm solves half the problem already. Footwear that is strappy and peep-toes are a big no-no as winter clothing ideas (if you are comfortable though, please go for it!)

2. I have chosen a warm woolen mermaid tail winter skirt from Ginger brand. This has a snug fit and is soft in texture with a great fit. You can combine it with inner pants to keep those legs warm and you are set!

3. I’ve opted for a full-sleeves black top as it retains the warmth and my hands are covered. If you think you’ll still feel cold, you can opt for matching gloves and a woolen black cap. There are so many varieties available that it is so easy to style your winter clothing look.

4. Keep those ears covered if you have to. Another trick is to use cotton in your ears as the weather gets windy often!

“As always, team your outfit with the best fashion jewelry piece in your wardrobe. Remember, less is more!”

Here’s a collection of some of my favorite winter clothing items. You can opt for long skirts or team the short ones with black leggings or warm stockings. These are easily available in malls and on online stores.

Photographer: Shounak Kelkar

Top: Peppamint, Pune

Skirt: Ginger, Lifestyle mall, Bangalore

Necklace: Shoppers Stop, Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore

Footwear: BLAK, Bangalore

Winter Tips: Keep sipping on top tea or coffee 🙂

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Hello, everyone!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful start to the New Year! I’ve had so much fun dropping in by the Soch Store for the Red Dot Sale at RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore. I loved checking out the EOSS collections as well as the new collections. It was fun to meet Soch fans who couldn’t stop raving about the quality and designs of Soch. Do view my video below to know more about Soch reviews and what’s in store! 


Hey, there! I’m honestly sure many of you already have a long list of New Year resolutions. While some may not care about making any, others struggle to keep up with their resolutions as the months go on. Every year, we are often harsh with ourselves, almost chiding ourselves that we could have done better. In the world of perfect photos spread everywhere on social media, it makes things every tougher when you realize you haven’t honestly raised the bar for yourself.

Or, have you?

I have indeed mentioned perfect photos and being a part of the blogging world, I also use many social media platforms to reach all you people. I have to admit, there are days when I do not feel as confident as I should be feeling. I even question a whole lot of things I have done, my purpose and lots more. Hey, I think this is completely normal and it’s about keeping our thoughts in control when we question or doubt ourselves. I have some ways to get around these moments and I’d like to share them with you too! You can easily memorize this as your New Year resolutions list asap! 

Make ‘Loving Yourself’ a New Year Resolution for 2019

Be Kind

Yes, to others but firstly to yourself. You need to pause a bit and understand what you speak to yourself every moment. We have an inner critic in all of us. You might be looking in the mirror and thinking, “Am I too fat, or am I too thin?” “Why am I not successful?” What are all these things you keep asking yourself? We need to learn to be kind to ourselves and we need to motivate ourselves more with good thoughts every day. How about telling yourself, “You are beautiful and I love you” and stopping the demeaning chatter. Try it!

Stop Looking Behind

Ok, we all do it. There are days where you will often look at your past, wonder if you could have done things differently. You often feel the urge to hate yourself a whole lot more. What are you gaining from this? I know you must have not found a solution by looking behind. How will you take a step ahead without breaking these invisible barriers? I know that you cannot move ahead if you keep worrying about things and rather, you must focus on your goals to ensure you reach somewhere closer.  I’d like you to think what you can do right now rather than “what if I had done this.”

Work on a Vision

You might work full-time or might be running your own business. While every company has its vision and mission in place, you must learn to develop your own vision for career and relationship goals. I know this is not easy, but when you know what you honestly want, it makes things clear. At times, not knowing what you want is totally fine. Please allow yourself space to know yourself better. Do not worry what others are upto on Facebook or Twitter. This is about you and you are allowed to make mistakes, stumble, and discover your personality.

Your New Year resolutions will work only when you learn to put yourself first, stop with the self-limiting beliefs and learn to follow your goals with all the passion and hard work!

Happy New Year 2019

Love Yourself, Celebrate Yourself!