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Mirror Mirror on the Wall? Who is the calmest of all? Bring that internal change with Yoga and Meditation

International Yoga Day has gained so much attention worldwide since its conceptualization a couple of years ago. This is the time for all people who practice yoga and meditation to be united and celebrate the day! Yoga, often confused to be only an exercise to make you ‘bendier than your neighbour’, is also about cultivating a meditative mind. This meditative mind is what gives you the mental strength, a subject that is so often neglected and ignored.

I’m always keen to discuss mental health with people as this is so often taken for granted. In a highly competitive space, yoga and meditation are useful to bring a balance in the mind.

So often, we tend to miss working on the power of the mind while focusing on yoga and meditation techniques. The practice of Yoga to me is about creating new energies and working on existing ones while aligning our minds to make better decisions.

The mirror must reflect the person you aspire to be with a vision to go towards the path.

As an Indian fashion blogger, I get the chance to interact with women and men, many of whom are dealing with their own struggles and doubts. It is so necessary to be kind to people as so many are dealing with the problems we have no clue about. Meditation and mindfulness bring your attention to the current moment – here, we are cognizant about the situation and learn to weigh our thoughts before we speak.

The practice of yoga and meditation makes you take a look at your choices. If you’ve recently begun yoga or are practicing yoga and meditation, I’d like to ask you something.

  • Have you looked into the mirror yet?
  • What do you see?

So often, we are trying too hard, spending time criticizing others, our jobs, our friends, and so on. Meditation and mindfulness get you to look into the mirror and see yourself for what you are. You also learn self-acceptance is the key to most things in life. The benefits of yoga and meditation are so large, that you can easily skim through your problem-areas and learn to fix the situation to find better outcomes.

The mirror must reflect the person you aspire to be with a vision to go towards the path. The mirror must tell you to stop looking back – there is nothing there. Stop obsessing over the future. This mirror should show you your true self. One, where you accept yourself as a whole – yes, along with the tummy rolls, the imperfect body type, or the one who is yet to sort things out in life. On this note, I’m sharing a personal poem that I wrote.

We are all so busy with our own lives,

Wearing many masks, donning multiple hats,

probably living a life of lies.

In the race for life, we often forget to live,

Not realizing that we have so much to give.

If we give a little, how much more can we have?

A little more peace, a little more care?

We are so busy chasing illusions,

Pockets that remain filled,

But, our hearts are empty creations.

With not a care in the world,

nor the consequences that follow.

We are afraid to see,  

As everything seems so shallow.

So, what will the reality be?

It’s a time to rethink and realign,

To bring a change,

A change in self,

To start life again.

On International Yoga Day, I’d like you to make this change and be mindful about your life. You can choose any form of exercise you please. I love to use my yoga mat and stretch out to release all the problems I hold. I also love visiting the gym to get a different feel. It’s about using different areas to lend a new touch to your exercise routine. I personally have a strong preference for a clutter-free workout area as this gives me a feeling of contentment.

My Thoughts on the Yoga Mat

This International Yoga Day, I’d like you to think a little bit.

  • Focus on yourself – how can you make yourself better? What is your goal?
  • How can you help others?
  • What is the one thing that needs to change within you?
  • What’s stopping you from achieving your dreams?
  • When was the last time you honestly laughed till your stomach hurt?

Well, I can go on but I think you must be knowing what I’m writing about here. The benefits of yoga and meditation go far beyond the strength of the body, it’s the mind that controls it all. This International Yoga Day, I hope you reconnect with yourself to discover inner peace always.

Photographer: Hana Jade Hudain

Featured Image: Photo by Gesina Kunkel


As an Indian Fashion Blogger based in Bengaluru, things can get pretty trying when you are traveling from one location to another. This often leaves me with little time to explore good restaurants in Bangalore as well as pubs known for their great food and music. The increasing traffic makes it difficult for me to access areas that are known for their party destinations.

Watson’s at Sahakarnagar is one of the must-visits for people based in North Bangalore. The cozy ambience and the striking use of colours set Watson’s apart from the many restaurants in Bangalore. I found this place interesting as it saved me a long commute and I could have a fun time in a cozy ambience with great food and drinks!

When I walked into Watson’s Sahakarnagar, I was pleasantly greeted by their friendly staff. The flaming red door opens up to a beautiful setting wherein you’ll find comfortable seating arrangements. There’s a low seating area along with tables and high bar stools, comfy sofas wherein you can just sink in, order your drink, and enjoy the night with your friends.

We loved the emerald green walls and the antique look styled in some areas of the restaurant. It reminded me of the Sherlock Holmes era, where you can visualize the eccentric detective solving a tough case with his friend and guide, Watson. The name, Watson’s, has been selected as one of the founders is a fan of this detective series. I am sure Mr. Sherlock would have loved to grab a bite and a drink with his friend, Watson!

The colourful walls are adorned with beautiful graphic art that is a delight for every person who enjoys a touch of creativity. The cozy ambience has perfect little corners where you can have a quiet chat amidst the crowd while admiring the interiors of this restro-pub.

I personally fell in love with the corner adorned with green leaves and I can’t help but click photographs there. I also loved the brown bricked wall that is tucked away in a corner – perfect for some genuine conversations.

Watson’s in Sahakarnagar is spacious and suitable for family, and friends. What I love is that finally, this area has some good options without the need to travel to other areas that are far away in Bangalore. The wooden furniture, striped sofas, high stools, and brown chairs all add to the quirkiness of the place. They also have a large bar designed using the typical wooden interiors. You’ll find a stock of colourful bottles and I had to click some photographs here.

Watson’s Sahakarnagar Menu

Watson’s Mocktail: International Velvet
Watson’s Mocktail: Pomme Tini (In the center)

 The menu at Watson’s Sahakarnagar is filled with a healthy mix of South Indian and North Indian food. We began with the mocktails and this was perfect in the sweltering heat. As I gently downed these mocktails, foot tapping music floated through the air, making me feel like dancing right where I was seated. I loved the watermelon mocktail named as International Velvet. This was fresh, cool, and so calming in the hot Bangalore weather.

Watson’s also offers a yummy Express Lunch for Rs. 199. This is available from Monday – Saturday (12 p.m. – 3 p.m.).


Highlights of Watson’s Menu in Sahakarnagar:

  • 1. Butter chicken masala pie
  • 2. Kerela beef on coin paratha
  • 3. Beef roast
  • 4  Laal maas samosa
  • 5. Crispy chilli corn
  • 6. Fried pudi idli
  • 7. Sundal

Watson’s is also located in Vasanth Nagar, Indiranagar, Ulsoor, and J.P. Nagar, Bengaluru. They have also launched in Goa, and Chennai.

Loved Watson’s? Do hop by their Facebook Page.

What I’m Wearing:

I’ve picked a Zara dress for my outing at Watson’s. I love the structured look which is loose for the upper half and figure-hugging from the waist onwards. I always manage to sneak the stripe design in most of my outfits. I’ve combined it with pointed heels in flaming red to complement the quirkiness of Watson’s Sahakarnagar.

Stay tuned to my next post where I’ll show another trend you can flaunt for your dinner dates.

Dress: Zara, Orion Mall, Bangalore

Heels: PayLess Shoe Store, Bangalore

Bag: F.C. Road, Pune

Accessories: Lifestyle, RMZ Galleria Bangalore

Photographer: Hana Jade Hudain

Watson's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


It’s been a while! What started as a conscious move towards blogging for my professional life, that followed with a hurriedly put-together fashion blog (more than 10 years ago) with a free domain name resulted in something much more.

I’m going to be raw with you today.

Not every day was perfect. Not every day felt like I wanted to blog.

What matters is your consistent effort towards things you love without worrying what people will say or what the results would be like.

We so often forget to appreciate ourselves when we are worried about how the audience perceives us. As a blogger, there will be tons of people who will write into you and share their advice, suggestions, beautiful thoughts, silly comments, lewd ideas, and so much more.

What matters here? What you choose to pick and listen to while allowing the rest to fade away into the background.

As a Bangalore fashion blogger, I’ve had my share of ups and downs and I can only say one thing – believe in yourself, be kind to yourself, and pat yourself on the back every time you do something that is closest to your heart.

To the regular followers, I’m sharing the behind-the-scenes look and some photographs that did not make it for the final edits. From blogging to vlogging, it’s been so much of a learning experience.

Here I was wondering what pose to strike while Jade snapped a picture


Ok, stop the photos, I got to eat this!


Plently of shots taken to get a perfect one. This was one of those unused photos 🙂



Yes, there’s lots to be done. But, we often forget we are human and yes, some things do take time. So, take the time to pursue what you love to do. Find the things that excite your heart. Find that reason that makes you want to explore a fun side of you – one that is no longer dependent on anybody’s expectations, an area of your expertise that fills your soul with wonder, and fulfillment.

What goes behind each blog? There’s tons of work and not so much makeup. (Ha, ha!) Those who know me well are aware that I do not promote the use of heavy makeup and I am fine if my rawness is seen as well. If you consider it as a flaw, that is entirely your perception!

There is a lot of hard work, people being good to you, bad to you, but most importantly, it’s how you constantly work on your own thinking to face the camera even on days you don’t feel good about yourself. It’s about telling yourself things will be okay, and you are here rock.


Shounak’s editing skills. This photo was not used for the final blog


The weather changed again making the natural light a constraint for us

Today, I’d like to thank each one for believing in me i.e. my family, for supporting me (even if you don’t understand fashion), for always cheering me on.

I’d also like to mention some entrepreneurs behind these ventures and staff who were supportive in every way.

Lifestyle Mall at RMZ Galleria

Soch (Indian wear brand)

Dr. Jamuna Pai (Watch the Skin Lab video)

Cafe 60 Four

Staff at Global Desi, AND by Anita Dongre

Cafe Nosh

Women’s Web Team (Watch the video)



Am I gonna flip through the menu or order something?


I began to laugh here! Photo by Nitin Chauhan


Yeah, that was not a drink! It had food colouring!


Shounak’s creative expression through his edits 🙂
Mohua finds me in a comfortable frame, one of the first who worked her creative skills for the blog

Most importantly, I’d like to thank that one friend who always reads everything I write. 😉 Thank you so much for your suggestions!


We’ve checked out the magic of yellow for summer fashion and viewed how bold stripes make a strong fashion statement. Here’s a different twist to the use of stripes using a soft colour palette.

AND Dress: Rs. 2,799

Cool Ways to Wear Stripes as a Summer Trend

Summer fashion is incomplete without the mention of the classic stripes. We’ve already seen the bold version of stripes. Stripes are suitable for everyone, in any form, and design. You can pair these with anything for a striking appearance. While I have often opted for monochromatic stripes, coloured stripes are a great way to lend an edge to your look.

I’ve loved the softness of this striped dress from AND at RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore. The colourful stripes are subtle and the designer has balanced the look very well. The fabric being light and flowing is perfect for summer fashion. The dress has a soft feel and I honestly wanted to wear it all day long! The outfit is perfect for a casual to an evening party and you can pair it with heels or flats. I’d select strappy white flats for these!

I’ve combined the look with a large bag in a striking yellow from Hamlyn Grande, because, well, yellow is the colour of the season! This bag is perfect to store all the things and has compartments as well. Hamlyn Grande has a wonderful collection of handbags and footwear at RMZ Galleria Mall, Bangalore.

Hamlyn Grande Bag: Rs. 2,799
AND Earrings: Rs. 699

I found this summer dress to be light and trendy so I’ve chosen delicate earrings from AND. I’ve paired it with a cute necklace in baby pink as I wanted the elements to balance each other out. The necklace is also from AND and they do have delicate designs suitable for the corporate and the party woman!

AND Necklace: Rs. 899


Hamlyn Grand Footwear: Rs. 2699

The peek-a-boo footwear is from the wonderful collection at Hamlyn Grande. I love the idea of foot cleavage and the soft blue flowers. The whole daintiness of the footwear and the sturdy heels attracted me to pair this dress with these footwear.

I’ve listed my summer fashion trends that ranged from bohemian, gingham, short outfits, yellow gowns, jumpsuits, casual dresses, and bold stripes. Which is your favourite? Do you have any summer trend in mind? Do write in the comments below.

Location: RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore


Outfit: AND, RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore

Accessories: AND

Bag: Hamlyn Grande, RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore

Footwear: Hamlyn Grande

Photographs: Nitin Chauhan

Summer Style: Sizzle with Stripes!


This dancer is known to steal hearts with her graceful moves on stage. Her Bindhaast acting skills have already wooed the audience all over. Meet Sharvari Jamenis, a renowned Kathak dancer and an artist par excellence who has won her share of accolades in India and abroad. She has always held her ground without swaying to the ever-changing weather of stardom showing that grit and talent is here to stay.

She’s bubbly, vivacious, and so full of passion! A conversation with Ms. Sharvari Jamenis on the occasion of World Dance Day set me thinking about how women in India have definitely proven their mettle despite all odds. Hailing from my favourite city of Pune, Sharvari has carved her own path in the world of Kathak. As a Kathak student who began at the age of 7, Ms. Jamenis soon became an accomplished dancer and choreographer, dance instructor, aerobic instructor, and has been one of the most sought-after actors in Marathi and Hindi Cinema. The audience has adored her dearly as the vibrant and carefree ‘Vaiju’ in Bindhaast which skyrocketed her career as an actor. What followed were her range roles in Hindi cinema, and television serials. Kathak, however, has been her prime focus.

I’m blessed to have connected with Ms. Sharvari Jamenis on the occasion of World Dance Day 2019. Join our conversation.

Kashmira: Who is your inspiration?

Sharvari Jamenis: Undoubtedly my Teacher, Late Guru Pandita Dr. Rohini Bhate. I cannot imagine my life without her guidance. I began learning Kathak as this was my mother’s dream. Noticing my interest in taking some spins every time a song was played, my mother immediately enrolled me in a dance school. I remember my friends would run off to play, but I skipped along to the dance class. Late Guru Pandita Dr. Rohini Bhate, or Baby Tai (sister) as we fondly called her, used to conduct classes for senior batches then. It was in my 3rd year of class that I could witness her grace, poise, dedication, and astonishing capabilities. I always hoped my auto rickshaw would get delayed to pick me up so that I could watch her for a couple of minutes longer. By then, I knew Kathak is what I wanted to pursue. It was Rohiniji who suggested I study BA in Dance when she was on the panel at the Lalit Kala Kendra Academy. Baby Tai inspired me with her grace and personality and this made me choose Music as a subject for my 11th and 12th at SNDT, Pune. I had the burning desire to make a mark in this field by watching her very moves. I could have chosen any other field as I was a good student but Baby Tai had already touched a chord with me and I’ve found her to be the biggest inspiration as she put me on this path.

2) Kashmira: What does dance mean to you?
Sharvari Jamenis (Smiles): I’m not sure I can entirely answer this question as it has a lot of depth. But, I can share a poem I have written that expresses this.

Dance is a symphony of body and soul.

It’s a prayer of harmony with a creative goal.

Sometimes, it’s breeze, sometimes, it’s thunder,

It gives me peace, it creates wonder.

Dance is my expression, dance is my joy,

It’s a flight full of energy towards an enlightening sky.

3) Kashmira: How well is India set to promote women in dance?

Sharvari Jamenis (Contemplative): At the moment, India is poised well enough to encourage women in dance. Personally, I feel parents are more encouraging towards the daughters instead of their sons pursuing this form of art. The finesse and dedication required in classical Indian dance needs a sound support system for finances. My father always told me, “Follow your passion, but make sure you do it wholeheartedly. Give it your 100% and excel in your chosen field. Make a mark for the world to know” This resonates with my belief. In India, I would like to see more avenues that support talent giving them the space to spread their wings and fly.

I also feel we have plenty of festivals for music and vocals but not too many aimed for Indian classical dance. I hope to witness a change here.

4) Kashmira: What is the one thing you’d like to say for women taking up dance as a profession?

Sharvari Jamenis (Eyes light up): Girls, and the women of today have the power of technology. Use it! We never had the kind of platforms to share our art forms. Today, a woman has to decide whether she wants to be:

  1. A performer and only a performer (Dance should be her sole aim)
  2. Someone who is wanting to be a performer and also earn a living

Budding talents must realize that being a performer does not always ensure returns. If it does, it can happen a little late. You require tremendous patience to sharpen your skills and perform globally and you must be willing to work hard without a care for the returns.

On the other hand, women who are also looking to make monetary gains can look for other avenues in this field. She can be someone who specializes as a dance instructor, lighting specialist, set designer, costume designer, videographer, or a dance critic. This ensures you are connected to the art form and also secures your earning.

To summarize it, I would say:

  • Know your goal (Performer or someone who wants a steady income)
  • Pursue what you want from the heart.
  • Have tremendous patience (do not get swayed by what you see on reality dance shows and feel low that you are not ‘there’ yet.)
  • Take the legacy of your Guru’s teachings ahead and combine it with your own thoughts

5) Kashmira: Are women truly empowered in our society? Can they choose dance as a career?

Sharvari Jamenis: I feel times have indeed changed. There was a phase when I would mention my degree in dance as my field of specialization, and I would still be asked, “Which other degree do you have?” (Eye roll*) Being an Indian Classical dancer earns you tremendous respect. Society is slowly improving in their way of looking at dance as a career path. Its popularity has risen with technology playing an important role. Women are more than willing to take it up as a career. Dance will definitely sustain among all the changes that are happening in different industries. (I perform to thumri compositions that are over 200 years old. The fear of survival is never there.) The only problem I see is that dance often gets sidelined towards a student’s 10th as well as 12th std. I can understand the inhibitions parents may have. I can only say this to the women that pursue dance if you can answer these questions honestly-

  1. Why do you want to dance? Is this your life?
  2. Are you looking to dance and gain financial benefits?

The answers to these questions decide your path. A classical dancer may not always earn the desired amount. It takes years of riyaaz and dedication and a good number of years to be known as an Expert in this field and win awards. Choose dance as a career only if you are willing to go that extra mile. Even if you get offers from the glamour world, you must hold your ground. If you can make this choice, you are truly empowering yourself.

6) Kashmira: Which was the moment you felt most empowered with self?

Sharvari Jamenis: There were many, but one I remember the most. In 2011, I received news and was elated that I had a Kathak dance tour to Australia for the year, 2013. However, towards 2013, I also received another good news that I was soon to be a mother! I calculated and realized if I continued with the tour, my then to-be-born child would be 4 months old, if I had I to perform. It did not deter me. Post a C-section, and with the support of my mother and gynaecologist, I began riyaaz in the 2nd month post delivery. This was for a 90 minute solo performance (3 performances with live musicians) at the Sydney Opera House. It was indeed a tough goal to get back the stamina post an operation. But, I forged ahead. As a practice, I also spoke to my little baby and recited my todas and tukdas to him as a form of play combined with riyaaz. I’ll never forget the standing ovation I received at the Opera House – it was a moment of pride, with tears of joy flowing down my cheeks. I was proud to be here as the *third Indian to have performed there.

(*Prior to Sharvari, A.R. Rahman and Singer Asha Bhonsle have performed here.)

7) Kashmira: If you would not be a dancer, who would you be?

Sharvari Jamenis: The complexity of the human mind intrigues me. I was inclined towards psychology and wanted to pursue studies in behavioral psychology apart from dance. But, Baby Tai showed me the right path and my life changed forever.

8) Kashmira: Name a dancer you admire the most!

Sharvari Jamenis: I sincerely admire the style and grace of Pandit Rajendra Gangani. He is a Kathak Maestro and is pioneering in his work. I also admire Aditi Mangaldas as she is a force to reckon with. She not only epitomizes the style of classical Indian dance form of Kathak, she brings a fine amalgamation of innovation and design to her performances. Her dance style stands out from her concepts to the lighting, the costume detailing and so many other aspects that lend a unique approach to her creative thinking.

9) Kashmira: As this being a fashion and women empowerment blog, I’d now like to know your take on your personal style. What’s your style staple?

Sharvari Jamenis: I feel trends are fine but best not to be followed if you want to develop your own style. Comfort is a must and I know how to dress by highlighting my strengths. I’d always opt for a white chickan kurta on days where I want to be comfortable with a touch of grace. White, with its intricate chickan work, gives me the versatility to combine any dupatta (colour, texture) while attending a function or a day at work. Otherwise, I can’t do without my basic blue jeans and white T-shirt.

10) Kashmira (smiles): You’ve been an amazing person to converse with. I’d like you to say a few words about your Guru, Pandita Dr. Rohini Bhate.

Late Guru Pandita Dr. Rohini Bhate. Image from Alchetron

Sharvari Jamenis: I am what I am only because of her. I think that best summarizes what I feel. She taught me more than Kathak as a dance form. She touched my soul while always reminding me to be a good human being. She also brought my attention to knowing music, various art forms, literature, and other aspects that are important to form a vision. It’s actually she who gave me the vision to look at anything and everything in life. The development of self to have this vision was a major life-altering moment for me. It is through her that I know it is not important to focus only on learning compositions and having a goal on numbers. What matters is, “Can you look at this composition and make more out of these with your own vision?” She also highlighted the importance of having a fine balance between unsaid words while allowing the dance to explicitly portray the things you want to convey. (It should not be limited to words only). I developed the knowledge to choose the right raagas and understand my compositions better by developing an eye for detail.

Most importantly, she instilled the values of politeness, gentleness, dedication, devotion, and punctuality. She reminded us never to dilute our art for the satisfaction of others. She was at the forefront for women empowerment when these subjects were rarely talked about. She faced criticism when on her way to her institute astride a cycle when she started her class in 1947 when not a single class existed in Pune or rest of Maharashtra. Onlookers were quick to pull her down for her path-breaking ways. She worked hard to spread the knowledge that Kathak is not meant for entertainment – it is full of depth, filled with spirituality and knowledge. She took the step ahead to motivate every student to join dance when in those days, learning dance was difficult for women. She set trends for the women of today, where none existed in her time.

What an inspiring conversation this has been. Thank you, Sharvari! I am truly honoured to have the Bindhaast woman, Sharvari Jamenis, who has shown that women can learn and excel about every field they want to if they have the will. This International Dance Day, I salute the spirit of all dancers who spend endless hours in their pursuit of developing and refining this art and presenting it to the world. We wish her good luck and success and may she fetch many more awards in the years to come.

Reproduction of the content and images is strictly prohibited and will invite legal action. Please write to for information.


We looked at bohemian fashion, gingham, short outfits for the summer, jumpsuits, and the magic of the shade of yellow in two looks for summer fashion! This week, we’ll take a look at the classic appeal of stripes with a modern twist

AND Dress: Rs. 2,199.

Stripes are always in. Look at the way they can be used for any garment! Summer fashion is incomplete without stripes and I’ve chosen a design that is different, with a touch of elegance while bordering on being bold at the same time.

The trend of stripes have moved on from being the plain nautical stripes as a summer trend to the bolder version we see today. They now represent a timeless, classic appeal that is always a part of the fashion circuit. These are now crafted into various designs for dresses, pants, tops, crop tops, and we can see them on handbags as well!

I’ve picked a beautiful dress from AND by Anita Dongre at RMZ Galleria Mall, Bangalore. I love the summer dress because of the relaxed fit which is not compromising on the style. The design reminds me of the warm rays of the sun that are so powerful in their own way. You can add it to your summer collection if you want a bold look for the evening without too much fuss. All you need is some bright lipstick and you are ready to rock!

I’ve paired this beautiful striped dress with a metallic clutch from Hamlyn Grande at RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore. The little clutch opens up to have enough space for your essentials. You can use it with a chain or pack the chain neatly inside. The design is compact and gorgeous!

AND Stilettos: Rs. 2,399

I’ve paired the dress with grey stilettos from AND. These are embellished with tiny studs. What I love about this stilettos is the ankle strap and this strappy look that is so perfect for summer fashion.

Designer Clutch by Hamlyn Grande: Rs. 3,499
Earrings: Rs. 799

Location: RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore

Dress: AND, RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore

Footwear: AND

Designer Clutch: Hamlyn Grande, RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore

Photographs: Nitin Chauhan

Summer Mood:  Flirtatious with stripes


Summer Fashion was all about long gowns by AND in my last post. This time, let’s find the perfect casual summer dress you’ll need to keep it stylish for your dates or outings.

AND Summer Dress: Rs. 2,499, Neckpiece: Rs. 799

Summer Fashion to me must include breezy summer dresses. These are an addition you’ll definitely need for your summer wardrobe. What I honestly love is the combination of style and comfort. The style is about the structure of the dress, the colours, and the way the garment falls around your body. Comfort is always important and the fabrics need to be soft, and light.

We’ve already seen how the shade of a bright yellow brings out the summer season so beautifully. This time, I’ve chosen a deeper shade that is not too striking but elegant in its own way. This deeper yellow dress is so soft and comfortable, and I love the light prints over it. The design is perfect for those who want to flaunt a girly style for their summer parties. I’ve picked this from AND, RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore.

Hamlyn Grande Bag: Rs. 2999

I’ve paired the summer dress with light earrings from AND. I preferred to combine it with a sturdy bag from Hamlyn Grand. Have you checked out Hamlyn? They have an amazing collection in bags and heels. This one is perfect for my day out with friends as I tend to carry a lot of things when I step out for work or casual get togethers.

Soles: Rs. 1850

I opted for gold footwear from Soles, Bangalore, at RMZ Galleria Mall. These are a muted tone, strappy, and comfortable to walk around in anywhere! You can also create a different look with strappy white flat footwear and a white bag to match!

My summer dress collection is complete with the two shades of yellow. Have a favourite style? Write to me in the comments below.

Location: RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore

Outfit: AND, RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore

Accessories: AND

Bag: Hamlyn Grand, RMZ Galleria Mall, Bangalore

Heels: Soles, RMZ Galleria Mall, Bangalore

Photographer: Nitin Chauhan

Mood: Casual, comfortable


After bohemian fashion, short playsuits, trendy pants, and jumpsuits as a part of the summer fashion trend, we’ll take a look at adding some summer sizzle with the shades of yellow.

AND Yellow Gown: Rs. 2499

Summer fashion is all about using bohemian fashion trends, short outfits, and jumpsuits. One of the trends that go perfect as a part of summer fashion is the use of bright colours. Summer is all about the bright sunny vibe we all have and what best way to style yourself than in this sunny shade of yellow? I’ve chosen a bright yellow dress that is actually a gown and I feel the colour speaks a lot without having to do much with the styling.

Jewelled Clutch with Sling Chain by Hamlyn Grande: Rs. 3999

I’ve picked a bright yellow gown from AND by Anita Dongre. As we all know, the brand offers classy and elegant collection of dresses for women. I totally love their workwear and evening gowns as well. This time, I’ve paired this exquisite design with an embellished clutch from Hamlyn Grand located at RMZ Galleria Mall. you must check this store if you are looking out for designs that are crafted with expertise and are a collector’s item indeed!

Summer Fashion and the Yellow Colour Palette

The colour lends a shining joyous aura to your personality. The psychology of the colour yellow symbolises joy, optimism, happiness, sunshine, summer, gold, and is useful to create a positive approach. Flaunt the colour as this summer fashion trend and you’ll note the difference.

Glitter Stilettos by Hamlyn Grand: Rs. 5499

Summer fashion and strappy footwear is a must for me. I’ve paired the AND dress with glittering footwear from Hamlyn Grande. I knew the design was so me when I slipped my foot in to try this pair. The design is glittery and is perfect if you want to be the Cinderella for the evening. I wouldn’t suggest losing your footwear though. These are too stylish and are meant to be kept as a part of your summer fashion wardrobe. Hold on to these stilettos, girl! You can let that prince go! (Ha, ha!)

AND Earrings: Rs. 699

The AND dress embodies summer fashion in an elegant way. With my Bag and footwear from Hamlyn Grande being so shiny and beautiful, I’ve opted for light jewellery from AND.

Location: RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore

Outfit: AND, RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore

Jewelled Clutch: Hamlyn Grande, RMZ Galleria Mall

Glittery Stilettos: Hamlyn Grande, RMZ Galleria Mall

Earrings: AND

Photographs: Nitin Chauhan

Summer Tip: Loud yet Elegant


From bohemian trends to short outfits, we’ll now take a look at bright jumpsuits and how they can be your summer companion as the go-to easy look for the sweltering season

Global Desi Jumpsuit: 2,999

Summer fashion trends must include light and flowing fabrics and the one trend I’ve noticed is the use of wild prints and funky colours. I’ve been wearing this trendy jumpsuit for a reason. It’s super comfortable, it’s light, flowing, and gosh, I honestly feel it is suitable for the hot weather. Summer fashion this year also includes the use of prints that are ranging from florals, checks, nautical stripes, loud motifs, and more. These are so trending right now! This is one of the reasons I’ve made this jumpsuit my pick for the summer fashion wardrobe.

I’ve chosen to wear the red and blue Jumpsuit from Global Desi located at RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka New Town. Global Desi has used the trend of prints but created their own version of it. This is what I love about this brand! The outfit is busy yet not overpowering with their clever use of colours. Global Desi stands out from it’s typically funky prints, use of colours, cut, and of course, amazing fabric that gently hugs the body without being too clingy.

Global Desi Earrings: Rs. 599

Summer Trends: How to Wear the Printed Jumpsuit Style

I personally love the play of colours so I’ve chosen to accessorise it with funky jewellery from Global Desi. I’ve also broken my own rules by pairing it with large statement earrings and light bangles that go along with the colour palette. I usually stick to one accessory but this time, I’ve added two.

If you, however, want a toned down look, opt for accessories that are neutral in colour. You can also avoid a loud lipstick and go for a sun-kissed makeup with gloss on the lips. Pair with it comfortable flats in white and you are ready with your summer fashion wardrobe.

Jumpsuits are suitable for a day-time look to a casual dinner out date or evening out with friends. You can style this versatile garment differently by combining with a light weight white jacket (like a structured blazer). For a different casual look, opt for a sling bag in contrast colours to store your essentials.

AND Heels: Rs. 2,299

Heels from AND

The addition of heels is because the jumpsuit flares out gently and I love to combine slightly flared looks with heels. Summer Fashion is incomplete without strappy footwear and I’ve styled these from AND by Anita Dongre, RMZ Galleria Mall. The colour chosen is neutral due to the funky prints for this outfit. I have to add here that the heels are super comfortable and I did not feel any discomfort after walking around in them. The quality is great and they feel quite soft when you slip the foot in. Definitely an investment for your feet!

Global Desi Light Blue Bag: Rs. 599

I’ve opted for a light triangle shaped bag that comes with a sling. This is perfect to store my basic stuff. (We’ve seen the versatility of the Global Desi wardrobe in my previous blogs here and here.)

I’ll be taking summer fashion towards a different look soon. Stay tuned to my blog and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

If you’re looking for the best in summer fashion trends and are in Bangalore, drop by to RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka New Town.

Location: RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore

Outfit: Global Desi, RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka New Town

Accessories: Global Desi

Footwear: AND, RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka New Town

Photographs: Nitin Chauhan


After the bohemian trend, we are taking a peek at short outfits for the summer and how you can add the two trends of gingham and light prints in muted tones to rock the summer season!

Summer trends cannot be complete without a collection of short outfits. The heat is high and as the hemlines get shorter, you can easily add to the hotness quotient by picking the right styles and cuts to add to your summer sizzle.

I’ve chosen two ways to wear short outfits for the summer. You can either go bold in a vibrant green or opt for a muted shade if that suits your personality. The idea is to keep it light and fun while being comfortable. I’ve found a fantastic collection at RMZ Galleria, Yelahanka New Town, and I’ve combined the look this time with footwear from Soles.

Summer Fashion: Trend 1

Global Desi Outfit: Rs. 1,899

Soft and breezy playsuits are one of my picks for the summer fashion trend. I’ve given the denim shorts a miss and opted for a gingham patterned playsuit from Global Desi. This tangy lime green outfit mixed with shades of yellow is right on spot as a summer fashion trend. I’ve combined the Global Desi outfit with geometrical accessories. These are light, easy to wear and does not overpower the look. I’ve combined it with contrast bag that looks like my personal mini-fan. I love the detailing on the bag and it will definitely hold the basic essentials. I’ve worn these with white heels from Soles (RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka, Bangalore). You can also combine the look with flats if you’d like to wear it to a casual summer poolside party.

Now, that’s why I love Geometry! Earrings: Rs. 599.

Necklace: 1,099. Bag: Rs. 599

Summer Fashion: Look 2

Global Desi Printed Shorts with Waist Belt: Rs. 1,299

I’ve picked breezy summer shorts from Global Desi. I’ve particularly liked these for the shade in mustard and light prints all over. I love the little sash around the waist! The plain white top is accentuated with geometrical prints and has a little frill around it to add to the summery look.

I’ve combined this look with ivory white footwear with embellishments from Global Desi. I’ve loved creating this look with the colourful bangles and continued with large statement earrings that again reflect the geometrical shapes trending for summer fashion. The blue bag creates a strong contrast.

Global Desi White Top: Rs. 999. Bangles: Rs. 499
Global Desi and Soles have completed my summer trends collection making it vibrant and playful while keeping me comfortable for the weather! Have you got any summer fashion tips? I’d love to know. Write to me in the comments section below
Global Desi Statement earrings: Rs. 799

Location: Global Desi, RMZ Mall Galleria, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore

Outfits: Global Desi

Accessories: Global Desi

Footwear: Soles (First Look) and Global Desi

Photographs: Nitin Chauhan

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