TrendSpot: Long Slit Maxi Top

I can’t get enough of long slit maxi tops. If you, like me, have a penchant to mix and match, maxi tops are a clothing item that are a must in your wardrobe. This garment is flowing or fitted and I feel it appears so graceful that I have already purchased some. But, the trick lies in understanding what your maxi top looks best with. In the coming weeks, I’ll take you on a series of such maxi tops with slits that can be worn in different ways for casual occasions to ones that add to your oomph factor.

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We shot this colourful maxi dress as a casual one where I was headed out for a quick coffee. Bengaluru being Bengaluru, I cannot resist the temptation of filter coffee and I find that it just adds to the magic of this season. These photos were clicked as the sky rumbled overhead, promising to drench us and the long maxi top, if we didn’t run for cover soon!

Now, long maxi tops may not be the smartest decision as monsoon fashion. Yet, I liked this bold and bright floral print which stands out amidst the monsoon landscape. The fabric being lightweight, I felt no discomfort while walking. I avoided heels here as I am more on function and comfort and definitely, with the clouds about to break open, you wouldn’t want to be tromping around in heels on an uneven road.

This long maxi top has a slit in the centre. I could have paired it with tregging but I refrained from doing so. I preferred denim jeans as the slit being in the centre, I wanted something that is not too body hugging as pants but just comfortable enough. Ladies, the emphasis should always be on comfort and with my blog, I aim to show that fashion need not always be about working yourself up into a frenzy, in an aim to be something you are not. It’s about defining your personal style. Yes, this has been said again and again, and I wish to repeat it! Unlike women (some I have observed) who often go for a size smaller, I opt for a comfort fit as clingy outfits are not always comfortable for a longer duration.

Do you have a maxi top tucked away in your cupboard that you are waiting to style? Do leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

Maxi Top: Myntra

Jeans: Central

Footwear: Lavie

Photographer: Hana Hudain Jade

Coffee and Conversations: Stimulating

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