Valentine’s Day: Celebrating Yourself

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is in the air! Or, is it?

It’s that time of the month when the red hearts are out in the window displays. The attention shifts to marketing the concept of love to the ones who have fallen prey to Cupid’s arrow. Well, it goes without saying, I’ve been a ‘victim’ of love.

I’m not against love, mind you! Nor against the hearts and the flowers, chocolates and candies that are flooding my Facebook timeline. What I’d like to focus on is something we all forget every once in a while.

Self-appreciation and the art of self-love.

Love Thy Self? A common concept you might have read about. Have you implemented it? Why is it so important?

I’ve been one of those romantics who literally wore her heart on her sleeve. Blame Bollywood, blame the Television. Wait, did I

blame myself? No, I was in love, remember?

Love is a beautiful feeling indeed. While, we are in love. As always, nothing is permanent but change. Can this love remain constant even when our situations change? Can this love surface when things get difficult? Would you love the same person for the rest of your life? What are the depths of your feelings?

Often, love takes a backseat when responsibilities take over. The smart couples know how to balance it right. The rest? Well, look at the number of incidents where people seek love online. The thrill of it and the privacy provided by today’s modern technology makes finding ‘options’ a whole lot easier! In the fast-paced world, love and technology have merged to make finding love just a swipe away on dating sites.


Loving Thy Self

Before you go all dreamy this Valentine’s Day, take the first step towards finding true love.

  1. Know yourself – what are your dreams, motivations, passions? What sets your soul on fire?
  2. How much do you love yourself? Can you look into the mirror and love thyself even with all the flaws?
  3. What is it that you seek in a partner? Are you looking for a relation because you are lonely? Or, is it for companionship apart from the obvious perks of being in a relationship? ­čÖé

Learn to love yourself first before you let someone’s thoughts crowd your mind. It’s easy to fall in love, but it is equally important to be stable in a relationship. The foundation has to be set from both sides. It’s not a single person’s job to keep the spark of the flame alive. (Ladies, and men – if you are doing that, you are in so much trouble!) You and your partner make up the relation. You can’t find the right partner unless you know yourself first.

So, if you are still single this Valentine’s Day, look into the mirror. Fall in love with the person staring

back at you. The person who has endured so much, is still standing proud. This person who is still single, but is inching closer to the goals. This person who has a whole lot of love, but only for a partner who brings out the best in him/her.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day being you, loving yourself, and others around you.


Dress: Insence (Orion Mall), Heels (Orion Mall)

Photos: Mohua Sanyal




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