5 Beauty Tips that take less than 5 minutes

Forget the 2-minute Maggi noodles! Here are some awesome beauty tips you can use which makeup-603731_1280take less than 5 minutes. Time to be beautiful as the weekend is here!

1) Always rub an ice cube over your face before makeup application. This helps to keep your face fresh and makes it easy to apply makeup. Even if you don’t have time for grease paint, you’ll still look fresh!

2) Don’t have time to thread? Use a tweezer to gently get rid of the excess hair growth around your eyebrows. Retain your natural shape though.

3) Uh oh! Looks like you just broke your lipstick shade in a hurry to get ready. Keep a lip brush handy to use the leftover lipstick inside the container. 

4) Use a pencil eyeliner whenever you are in a hurry. A shade of brown when gently smudged over the eyelids also gives a lovely effect. Go easy on it though!

5) Opt for a bold lip color when hard-pressed for time. This instantly lifts up the features. Keep the rest of the attire in coordination with the shade you’ve chosen. 

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