Nrityagram: A Visual Delight

My visit to Bengaluru’s Nrityagram took me to  a different world altogether. Here, the noise of the traffic ceased, and everything seemed so far away. What was most admirable was the dedication of the Indian classical dancers. They continued to rehearse in a dance hall that was designed to bring out the creative juices. While I was unable to watch a professional performance as the troupe was on a tour, some of the disciples continued to practice in the absence of a Guru.

The entire property is very well-maintained and on similar lines to Taj Kuteeram next door. The silence soothes the senses and the moment you step in here, you will understand why dancers prefer to come to this little village to connect better with their art.

Nrityagram includes an amphitheater that is sadly covered with overgrown weeds. The rooms of the Guru’s are labelled neatly in a rustic way. The pathways are pretty and make you want to explore even more.  Life here seems simple yet offering a better quality in the way one lives.

A visit to this place will cost a mere Rs. 50 per person. 

Instead of going on and on about the beauty of Nrityagram, I leave you to look at the photos instead! Please do leave your comments below.

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