Still Life in Instant Batik

One of my favorites – an Instant Batik Still Life painting! Artist – my Mom, Asmita Lad. Process involved – first is the application of hot wax on the entire cloth after you complete your basic line-work. Once done, you crumple the hardened piece of cloth to achieve cracks on the cloth. Dip it in one color overnight and wash. Then begins the next stage of your drawing and coloring with the help of hot wax. Use of brush for this style of Batik painting is very rare as compared to Batik done in other parts of India, where, color dipping needs to be done separately for each color. Basically, you go one color at at time. Besides, many artists also use blocks to achieve a block print pattern in Batik. The effect is quite unlike work done completely by hand.  The result of painstaking work by hand – is seen below!




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