Instant Batik Handbag – Batua Style

Holding a small Instant Batik batua bag in blue, dual sided

It’s been a while I’ve had time to upload photos of our collection of bags in Instant Batik. This time, I’m flaunting one small handbag with multiple pockets, which is done in the process of Instant Batik. In this pic, the design for the bag is done after throwing hot wax on the cloth. Once done, the colors are applied with a brush and then a Fixer is applied to fix the color. Loss of color only happens for the first wash. This is when, the EXCESS color is washed away, so it does not fade. Post this, you can wash it a multiple times. A warm iron and your bag is ready to use again!

This style is also know as the ‘batua’ bag in India. It can be carried around for all casual outings and combines style with utility!

Blue Cloth Washable Handbag in Instant Batik



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